Toronto Star To Get Equivalent Of $115,000 PER WEEK From Trudeau’s Establishment Media Bailout: BLACKLOCK’S

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to buy the media ahead of the upcoming federal election.

According to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Toronto Star is set to receive $115,385 PER WEEK from the Trudeau media bailout.

The whopping sum is based on the Toronto Star’s own estimates, according to Blacklock’s:

“The largest daily newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, yesterday estimated its take of federal media bailout money is worth the equivalent of $115,385 a week. Payroll rebates will see publishers awarded up to $13,750 per newsroom employee: ‘They got what they wanted.’”

On Twitter, Blacklock’s noted that the Toronto Star seems to have not mentioned their incoming cash haul:

“That’s odd: @TorontoStar stands to win $115K/week in #MediaBailout but we can’t find any mention of it in their news pages. (link:… #cdnpoli #StarExclusive”

Interestingly, on the Toronto Star subscriber page, it says “Leading progressive journalism from the Star,” a clear admission of pro-Liberal, left-leaning bias.

Imagine the outcry if the Conservatives gave money to media outlets that flat out called themselves “Conservatives.”

Yet, the Liberals are clearly propping up and enriching biased outlets, all ahead of a federal election that promises to be closely contested.

That’s why more and more people feel the system is totally rigged and biased.

You can read the Blacklock’s Reporter article here (paywalled)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube