Toronto Star To Get Equivalent Of $115,000 PER WEEK From Trudeau’s Establishment Media Bailout: BLACKLOCK’S

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to buy the media ahead of the upcoming federal election.

According to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Toronto Star is set to receive $115,385 PER WEEK from the Trudeau media bailout.

The whopping sum is based on the Toronto Star’s own estimates, according to Blacklock’s:

“The largest daily newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, yesterday estimated its take of federal media bailout money is worth the equivalent of $115,385 a week. Payroll rebates will see publishers awarded up to $13,750 per newsroom employee: ‘They got what they wanted.’”

On Twitter, Blacklock’s noted that the Toronto Star seems to have not mentioned their incoming cash haul:

“That’s odd: @TorontoStar stands to win $115K/week in #MediaBailout but we can’t find any mention of it in their news pages. (link:… #cdnpoli #StarExclusive”

Interestingly, on the Toronto Star subscriber page, it says “Leading progressive journalism from the Star,” a clear admission of pro-Liberal, left-leaning bias.

Imagine the outcry if the Conservatives gave money to media outlets that flat out called themselves “Conservatives.”

Yet, the Liberals are clearly propping up and enriching biased outlets, all ahead of a federal election that promises to be closely contested.

That’s why more and more people feel the system is totally rigged and biased.

You can read the Blacklock’s Reporter article here (paywalled)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What an a hole



The thought of potentially money going to the media was disturbing.
The reality of it is frightening.



As long as the reporters continue in their best behaviour sticking to protecting defending lying manipulating the news to suit Trudeau they get paid.
It makes things much easier for us to note who belongs to the liberals’ back pocket

Eric Blair

This cash infusion to the Star will show up in their quarterly earnings statement or if not there in the audited year end statement… so it will be out there at some point.


Where do you start, this is so wrong and unfair on so many levels.


Almost half a million dollars a month. I wonder how much of our tax money will be sent back as a deductible donation to the Liberals or to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund? Trudeau is close to controlling the internet, is using Federal workers to monitor and spy on social media and soon we could easily expect to see control of TV for offensive programs and approved news stories. M-103 is rearing it’s ugly head. Garbage like this is what we expect from corrupt third world dictatorships. We have to rid Canada of Liberals or lose this country. Horgan… Read more »


So, if the Star is getting this big money how much are all the other news papers getting?

Guy-Paul Roy

Corrupt is as corrupt does. When will the rubber bullets and pepper spray start?

Brian Dougan

The Toronto Star. Readership roughly equivalent to the number of leftists who watch the CBC.


Why is Mr Pants on fire wasting our grandchildrens’ money bribing the Trudeau Star. It’s not like it will change it’s leftwingery, excepting the owners profits therein. The money would be more unwisely wasted trying to bribe the few remaining rational newspapers left in this country and would cost a lot less as well.

old white guy

What a great country, liberal socialist propaganda, disseminated by liberal media , bought and paid for by Canadian taxpayers. It just doesn’t get better than that does it?

Moe S.

Saturday’s Toronto Star ‘Insight’ section full-page advertisement reads as follows: Vote 2019 More Power to You Free Limited-Time Digital Access For Post-Secondary Students. “For over 125 years, the Star has been at the forefront of social justice and keeping leaders accountable. The Vote2019 Offer is the Star’s initiative to give post-secondary students free access to the Star leading up to the October federal election.” There you go, folks, and there go some of the ‘bailout’ tax dollars, indoctrinating our post-secondary students before the election.

Brian Dougan

Moe–“keeping leaders accountable.” I wonder if they can say that with a straight face?

Shawn Harris

Toronto star, the nation’s largest newspaper, gets a media bailout to the tune of nearly 6 million dollars per year. Why?. There is only one reason, Trudeau needs a print edition paper to go along with his internet and TV propaganda empire. Namely the CBC and social media here in Canada. Isn’t it rather puzzling that the Star is the largest print paper, yet somehow it can’t make money or enough money to stay in business; so how come it is the largest paper and is still losing money. It should be extinct like Sears Canada. This whole bailout is… Read more »