DESPICABLE: Liberals FALSELY Claim Cancer Survivor Who Spoke To Scheer About Healthcare Is An ‘Actor’

This is what Trudeau’s ‘Sunny Ways’ have been reduced to, claiming that people sharing heartfelt stories about overcoming health challenges are actors.

In a despicable attempt to score political points, Liberals online have been claiming that people who talked to Andrew Scheer were actors.

It started after Scheer released some online videos, photos, and statements on his commitment to protecting healthcare spending:

“You shouldn’t have to worry about access to quality healthcare. That’s why this week I signed my health and social guarantee, that will provide stable and reliable funding to provinces.”

Here’s the video that’s getting a lot of attention:

“Meet Adina. She’s a cancer survivor and I had a chance to tell her about my health care guarantee today in Toronto. To patients like her, my mother after her kidney transplant, and every Canadian who relies on our health care system, this guarantee is for you.”

“Apparently Adina and I were in some supposedly fake promos for Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. There have been well over a thousand retweets, comments and likes on this scandalous topic in the last few hours. Only one problem: it’s not us.”

Clearly, the video above appears staged (like all political videos) but that’s not at all the same as saying Adina is an actor.

And Liberals went even further than claiming she was an actor, they identified two specific actors, and claimed they were the people in the video and photos with Scheer.

The only problem?

They were wrong:

“Andrew Scheer has to hire people to pretend to be random people who like him for awkward planned photo ops.”

“HOW DARE YOU?!! Yes, I am an actor, but I am not the person in this picture with Scheer and you know it. What is wrong with all of you, so easily eating this up? Do your research… or simply compare the pics lol before spreading lies. I am reporting you.”

Noted Liberal Rob Silver even shared the false claims, before admitting his error:

So, this is what the Liberals are about now. Falsely claiming that a cancer survivor is an actress, all to score some political points against a politician they dislike.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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We know the real (unreal!!!) actor: Just-No-Brain Just-No-Heart Just-an-Evil Nothing Trudeau.

Thomas Tass

Smear the opposition with lies and spread fear with more lies. Liberal play book Chapter One.


Absolutely right Spencer. Only a Liberal could come up this BS.. They certainly are scrapping the bottom of the barrel..Quebec


I wouldn’t expect anything more of an elitist liberal
Most liberals I know would gobble this nonsense down even if it were fake news , that’s just the way liberals roll .


I agree. Liberals I know don’t care for anything but keeping Liberals in power, in control. That is all that matters…they will find any fantastical excuse to justify corruption, treason, and worse.

Shawn Harris

This is all the Liberals know how to do, attack before researching or thinking about anything. Especially since it is driven by Trudeau’s massive arrogance, that tells him he must be worshiped , adored and accepted and anyone who is critical is a liar and a fake. This isn’t leadership it is demanded idol worship by Trudeau and his Liberal supporters. Let’s hope that real cancer survivors make it loud and clear that they won’t be used and abused by Trudeau’s trolls.


No matter what you say, I will never EVER vote for ANDREW SCHEER. he is the canadian version of Donald TRUMP, who I despise. Scheer is a racist.. He demonizes immigrants.. He will help out the wealthy, and to hell with the rest of us. I’m sure many disagree with me. I can respect that… But at least Andrew scheer will not be getting my vote. Not ever.


You are a typical liberal. No facts, just a feeling that Andrew Scheer will be bad. There is lots of evidence that Trudeau is bad for the country. Trump is doing things right in the states. One good rule for politics is don’t go by what a politician says but what he or she does. Common sense.


The issue with the current PM is will he give in to demands of some groups

Here is a short list

Honour crimes should be legal

Terror laws to be done away with meaning groups like ISIS would be safe in Canada.

Men and womens should not be allowed to work together

a million refugees brought in over 2 years.


Yeah…vote for the dope head instead.

L Allen

Projection and gutter hatred is all you leftist libs have. If only Andrew Scheer was any version of Trump. Then he would have my vote absolutely.


How low can someone go? This October look at what the liberals have done not at what they say.