In Rare Example Of Sacrifice By Politicians, Kenney & Alberta MLAs Take Pay Cuts

Kenney fulfills promise made during campaign.

In a rare example of politicians both keeping promises, and making a financial sacrifice, Alberta MLAs will be cutting their own pay by 5%.

Premier Jason Kenney will take a pay cut of 10%.

“Today @UCPCaucus MLAs on the Legislature’s Members Services Committee proposed and passed a 5% put cut for MLAs, and a 10% cut in the Premier’s salary. That’s on top of the 5% cuts brought in by the last PC government. We’re keeping our promise to lead by example.”

This fulfills a promise made by Kenney during his leadership campaign for the United Conservative Party.

Of course, Kenney and Alberta MLAs still make much more than the average Canadian, with Kenney making $186,000 per year. Cabinet ministers will get $181,000. Regular MLAs will make $121,000 per year.

Still, it’s good to see a promise being kept, and it even had multi-party support, with the NDP voting in favour of the pay cuts as well.

More politicians should follow Kenney’s example. After all, how can they expect us to sacrifice if they won’t make sacrifices themselves?

Spencer Fernando

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What would their hourly wage be? Probably far less than minimum wage. I have no problem with a PM or Premier or Minister getting compensation relevant to their responsibility. That said, it would come with personal responsibility and the risk of job loss, and not just at election time.

Not including the current PM, politicians are paid far less than even the Department heads they administer. The buck stops with them, unlike Trudeau, where the buck is always dumped on someone else. It is never ever his fault or responsibility.

Shawn Harris

As it has been said, that if you want someone to work for you, then you must work with them. Asking for sacrifices to be made by the public, rings hollow when you yourself won’t lead by example. At least Jason Kenny and his UCP party have learned that lesson. Only problem though, is how can we get that through to the thickheaded multimillionaire Trudeau? Who would rather raise his parliamentary wage and spend our tax dollars like it was his own money. And then claims to be raising our standard of living. Too many hypocrites.


This is leadership by example, unlike Trudeau who lectures Canadians about carbon footprints and wants to tax us to death because of them, and then flies off by jet on yet another vacation.