Weekend Of Violence: Number Of People Shot In Toronto Rises To 17

There were 14 separate shootings.

Toronto’s surge of weekend violence continued, with 14 separate shootings resulting in 17 people being shot in total.

Authorities were stunned by the rampant shootings, which would be about the equivalent of 170 people being shot in one American city when accounting for population.

After five people were shot at a North York nightclub, two men were shot in downtown.

Then, in Lawrence Heights, two men were shot.

Many have pointed out that, despite strict gun control laws, illegal guns are rampant in Toronto, and the authorities seem unable to do anything about it. Yet, the politicians keep calling for more laws that would end up hurting law-abiding rural firearms owners, instead of addressing the real problem of urban gang crime and violence.

In fact, many of the tools used by police to address gang crime have been taken away by the same pandering politicians who are unable to solve the problem or even acknowledge it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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When politicians remove the police ability to stop and check people gang members feel they can move around armed with impunity because they can. If they know they could be checked at any time they are more cautious about when they carry.. Politicians have empowered these thugs with PC decisions that jeopardise citizens safety


Judges rarely apply the basic mandatory minimums when ruling of firearm offenses so there is no real concern on the part of these criminals.


Of course they want law abiding but now unprotected Canadians to not have guns, so the criminals, who our laws no longer apply to, it appears, will not get hurt when they are attacking us and ours and their own rivals.

Ruth Bard

And JT will no doubt blame Harper, or Trump, or rogue elements in the govt of somewhere or other. And I’m still waiting to hear an explanation as to how taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is going to reduce gun crime.

old white guy

Now here is a startling statement. I DON’T CARE. Lets get rid of those who are the problem and to hell with diversity.

Thomas Tass

“Many have pointed out that, despite strict gun control laws, illegal guns are rampant in Toronto, and the authorities seem unable to do anything about it.” Here is a news flash. The liberal elites in justice system do not want to do anything about it. If the law came down on violent criminals swiftly and with real consequences it would shut down the enormous money making machinery they have created.


It would be really interesting to know the names and nationalities of the 14 perps! Are they asian drug gangs, native gangs, or immigrants?

Fred Flinstone

You can take guns away from regular citizens and it’s not going to help the criminals are still going to be able to get the guns from the black market we need to get the guns away from criminals and the mentally ill that’s what needs done
Pardon of post before that’s what you get when Google’s trying to figure out what you’re saying