Liberals and Conservatives locked in close race according to new Mainstreet Research poll.

The Conservatives and Liberals are locked in a tie.

That’s according to a new Mainstreet Research poll.

Here are the top-line numbers:

Liberals – 34.5%

Conservatives – 34.1%

NDP – 11.1%

Greens – 11.1%

Bloc – 4.4% (18.6% in Quebec)

People’s – 3.3%

The Liberals are down 0.5% since the last Mainstreet poll, while the Liberals are up 0.9%. Both moves are within the margin of error.

Regionally, the Liberals lead the Conservatives in Atlantic Canada (37.1% – 34.7%), in Quebec (33.1% – 22.4%) and Ontario (40.7% – 28.8%).

The Conservatives lead the Liberals in Saskatchewan/Manitoba (49.9% – 18.3%), Alberta (54.7% – 19.6%) and BC (32.0% – 24.8%).

This poll is part of a trend showing a narrowing federal race, with other surveys generally showing either a small Conservative lead, or a tie.

Spencer Fernando

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Dippers and Greens need to get some momentum to stat splitting that lefty lib vote.


Spencer, the problem here is Andrew Scheer continues to bash the Liberals which is not a good thing because people become tired of this , he needs to go on the offensive, saying positive things like new infrastructure, helping here and there and then the voter may say he has a plan


I think this poll is baloney. I simply do not believe that almost half the eligible voters would be stupid enough to even consider voting for our idiot prime minister. Even the thought of Trudeau r̶u̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ruining Canada for another four years makes me sick to my stomach.

Bill Craig

There is simply no way on God’s green earth that anyone of sound mind would support this traitorous divisive incompetent fool of a [email protected]!!! No way!! Yes I know Canadians have proven themselves over and over to be some of the dumbest voters on the planet, but come on. After all this foolish boy has done and not done in four years at least some of them must have heard of it. Geez.


If the numbers are correct, the divide between Western Canada, Abe Eastern Canada is huge.

Time for the West to go by itself, without our tax dollars going to Eastern Canada.

Eric Blair

If the CPC and the LPC are this close within a week of the election, the CPC ought to bring out the big weapon… “if the LPC win again Alberta will leave Canada”. Nobody wants that but who wants to take a chance that it could happen if Trudeau wins again.

David MacKAY

The Conservatives elected a leader no one heard of who had never done anything of note. So now the Conservatives expect Canada to elect a leader they had never heard of and who hasn’t been able to do anything as party leader. Other than climing to support Trudeau in Trudeau’s fight with Trump. From Scheerwe see No Fire, No demonstrations, No sit-ins over illegal activity, No protest about citizenship not required to vote, No vision, N o ideas, No discernment, no Common sense, Not eve daliy tweets to let the voter know what is going on…think about that last part… Read more »


Neither the Libs or Cons are honest. The first thing Scheer does is support Israel and get tough on China – is this his personal preference or that of his financier/puppeteers ?


I don’t believe in polls but if this does occur in Oct, I would seriously consider moving. It sickens me how uninformed Canadians are.

alan skelhorne



The Mainstreet Research Poll has to be a FAKE Poll. We Cannot have that Many Stupid and Dishonest Voters in Canada who would Actually Vote for Lying, Corrupt Liberal Thieves! The Liberal Party has to be brought to a Non Status Party or Disappear Altogether if we want Our Canada Back!

Steve Richards

As per usual it will come down to Ontario and Quebec to decide whether it is really worth staying in this country. Sadly if he wins again I really don’t think there will be much left after another 4 years of this incompetence. Sadly if the Conservatives win it will probably be a minority and immediately the other two will gang up with the Libranos to bring them down. Time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to leave.


Spencer Fernando I think it should be mentioned pollster in the last couple elections were not even close to the actual after the elections ! I think the most important fact is to get people out to vote, your blog is outstanding as to informing those of us that subscribe and forward to our friends! I know when the reply’s to my posting slow down it’s a sign people have had enough! I think most small and big newspapers are always looking for factual article to print, not sure your budget but you need a broader base to file your… Read more »