Ambassador To US Resigns

David MacNaughton will leave ahead of the federal election.

Canada’s ambassador the US has resigned.

David MacNaughton will leave his post at the end of August.

The current deputy ambassador – Kirsten Hillman – will serve in an interim capacity.

“I had long planned to complete my work ahead of the fall election,” said MacNaughton. “Particularly following the lifting of steel and aluminum tariffs – something I was absolutely determined we would get done before I left this job, and Congress’s rising for the summer. The time has come to return home.”

MacNaughton was seen by many as a more credible representative than Chrystia Freeland, as Freeland’s virtue-signalling regularly complicated discussions with the US. It was felt that MacNaughton’s expanded role in NAFTA negotiations with the US was due in large part to the fact that the US didn’t want to deal with Freeland.

Still, with the new NAFTA stalled in the US Congress, and with Canada subjected to ‘Buy America’ provisions, MacNaughton is likely glad to be moving on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He probably couldn’t stand working for Trudeau any longer, and we don’t blame him one bit. We thank him for his tremendous efforts and service in spite of the Liberals.


Trudeau is leaving a real mess for the Conservatives to clean up.


anything new ?