Attempted Drive-By Shooting In Toronto

Rampant surge of crime continues.

The surge in chaos and crime continues in Toronto, after 17 people were shot last weekend.

Thursday night, shots were fired from a moving vehicle at a group of people on the sidewalk.

It happened in the area of Martin Grove Road & Finch Avenue West.

“Sound of Gunshots: Martin Grove Rd/ Finch Ave W – 7-8 shots reported, possibly came from a moving vehicle – unconfirmed – units are responding”

Police say there are no reports of injuries.

Martin Grove Rd/ Finch Ave W
– Units are OS
– confirmed firearm discharge, shell casing located
– no victims located at this time
– no info on susps, involved vehivle described as possibly a black Honda last seen NB on Martin Grove”

After that shooting, there were reports of even more shootings:

“Sound of Gunshots:
Lawrence Ave E/ Orton Park Rd
– shots reported
– several people reportedly seen running from area
– units responding”

“Additional info: – victim of a shooting has made his way to hospital – extent of injuries unknown – we are investigating to confirm whether or not he is a victim connected to the “sound of gunshots” at Lawrence and Orton Park Rd”

Clearly, Toronto has a serious urban gang violence problem. Yet, expect Liberal politicians to propose more rules that falsely pin the blame on law-abiding gun owners in Rural Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube