BREAKING: Canadian Economy Loses 24,200 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Rises

Massive job loss in July follows decline in June.

Canada’s economy lost a whopping 24,200 net jobs in July, the second month in a row with job losses, following a loss in June as well.

The unemployment rate rose to 5.7%, also the second time in two months that the unemployment rate has risen.

There’s more disturbing data, as hours worked dropped 0.7% on a year-over-year basis.

And the net job losses mask an absolutely devastating month in the private sector, as a stunning 69,300 jobs were lost. That was somewhat offset by a rise in self-employment and public sector jobs, which increased by 27,700 and 17,500 respectively.

Both part-time and full-time employment fell.

This job report makes clear that Canada’s economy is in serious trouble, and the economic policies of the Trudeau government are failing.

Spencer Fernando

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The Liberal Paid Out Media Never have a Problem letting Canadians know when there is a Job Increase, which is Most likely ‘FAKE NEWS”. I Wonder if Trudope’s Paid Out Media will let Canadians know of these JOB LOSSES Now.


No one is going to stick around in this country with looming high taxes and constant restrictions facing them making the businesses difficult to flourish or make a profit for the owners to live on when the grass is greener with lower taxes either in USA or Mexico or elsewhere.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

And we are surprised under Trudeau? AHAHA

Eric Blair

And yet the liberal government is increasing the number of immigrants many of which are low skilled. Makes no sense.


what a loss/ if we had our pipeline done from west to east we could have save 5 million a week buying oil from Russia and the emirates / and it would have created 5 thousand jobs in Canada…

Cleroux, Jacqueline

But, they’re thinking of bringing in 350,000 more immigrants to Canada?? Many that are already here still don’t have a job. This was supposed to be because of our declining population, but if the jobs aren’t here,
neither will the income taxes be generated. I’ve heard from a resident in Nova Scotia and NO ONE IS


Until Canadians get back our own bank ( the Bank of Canada ) we will see a further degradation of our country.
The only financial model that is working for people on the planet is the Chinese model where the government owns the banks and support the people and the infrastructure. This was how Canada was built in the first place.

old white guy

Anyone who thinks Canada’s unemployment rate is 5.7 % is delusional. The system fails to count those who are on welfare ,unemployment insurance, now ain’t that a hoot, and many who have just stopped looking for work. The methodology is flawed. A system that fails to count all those who are unemployed is broken just like the electoral system


PET Justins dad sold the Bank of Canada to the BIS ( Bank of International Settlements ) the central bank of all global central banks owned by the Rothchilds. Poloz sits on the board of the BIS. Until Canadians get control of our bank we are doomed to pay interest forever and no principal. We are not allowed to create credit for Canada. If we were we would grow at the same rate as China with full employment a huge tax take and a better standard of living for all.