DEVASTATING: Canada Lost 69,300 Private Sector Jobs

That would be the equivalent of the U.S. losing nearly 700,000 jobs in the private sector in just one month.

The top-line numbers of the latest Canada jobs report are bad enough:

24,200 jobs lost.

But that’s the net jobs losses.

Beneath those numbers, an even more concerning picture emerges.

Canada’s private sector is in big trouble.

In July, Canada lost a stunning 69,300 private sector jobs. That would be the equivalent of the United States losing nearly 700,000 private sector jobs in just one month. Imagine what the media would be saying if that had happened…

While some of the private sector losses were made up by an increase in self-employment (27,700) and the public sector (17,500), that doesn’t mask the seriousness of the private sector loss.

Canada’s private sector job loss was the worst one-month private sector loss in nearly a decade, showing that this isn’t just some sort of ‘seasonal adjustment.’

After all, the private sector is the true barometer of how the economy is doing. And, when private sector jobs are lost, many people end up becoming ‘self-employed’ in very tenuous jobs that aren’t nearly as secure, or have nearly as many benefits as their previous jobs.

So, this jobs report is an absolute disaster for our country, and no matter how much the Liberals or the establishment press tries to spin it, it’s clear that the Canadian economy is in serious trouble.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau and his Liberal Goons have caused this mess and must be taken out of power and bring in a party that cares for Canada


Not a problem for Trudeau…he’ll just raise the carbon price for more taxes.
Has lots of buddies to pay off as his own pockets fill…ah, his charity donations increase…

Eric Blair

That’s 69,300 votes Trudeau will not be getting! This news neatly fits in with the GDP growth of 0.1 %. However, the GDP ought to grow by the rate of inflation just to stay even so in effect, our economy is shrinking and these latest job numbers are proof of it. Does it seem likely that yesterday’s polling showing Trudeau in a slight lead is for real or are the poll number manipulated.


Consequence of sunny boy’s incompetent team. What’s the surprise?

Jay Nicoll

And that increase in self employment is largely because employers aren’t hiring full time due to high payroll taxes, and instead hiring strictly on a contract basis, leaving all the licensing and payroll responsibility to the contract worker.


Very similar to Horgan in BC. He reduced our Health Care Premiums, pretending to honor a campaign promise. He then changed those premiums to a Payroll Tax and forced it on small businesses and Government Departments. The City of Victoria had to stop hiring more Police because the Horgan Payroll Tax severely damaged the Police budget. Many small businesses had to reduce full time employees and replaced them with part time.

Horgan seems to be just an overweight version of Trudeau.

Private employment contributes to GDP, public drains it.


If it happened in the U.S., the Left would blame Trump. Since it happened in Canada were we criticize Trudeau at our own risk, perhaps Canada’s private sector is just “experiencing” the job losses “differently” than the Trudeau government is.


But SNC got a contract on Ottawa where they did not meet the minimum requirements.
So jobs were saved. Thanks Shiny Pony!


I’m so happy that you report the truth and call it like it is, this is bull, and how are the liberal tied with the conservatives right now? Free country my [email protected]$, this is a game to the gov and the UN, they do this on purpose to keep civil obedience