WUT: Elizabeth May Says Humanity Must “Transition Off Fossil Fuels” Before The October Election

Under 3 months to stop using oil entirely. Sounds legit…

Elizabeth May and the Greens are receiving a record amount of attention, with polls and fundraising numbers showing them tied – and in some cases ahead – of the NDP.

But with that newfound attention comes additional scrutiny, and Elizabeth May is making comments that don’t hold up under that scrutiny.

In fact, Elizabeth May’s recent Tweet is shocking in it’s absurdity:

“This is what we’re up against. If humanity doesn’t transition off fossil fuels (before the next election) the earth will heat to unsafe levels and there will be climate catastrophe.”

So, in under three months, Elizabeth May expects Canada – and the entire world – to transition off fossil fuels?

That is insane.

How does a Tweet like that even get sent in the first place?

And why does the timeline keep changing.

First it was “the world will end in 12 years because of climate change.”

Then some said we had less than 3 years.

Now, it’s apparently less than 3 months?

Enough is enough.

This fear-mongering is a transparent attempt to take power away from individuals and families, and centralize power in the hands of global politicians.

Elizabeth May’s Tweet is laughably absurd, and shows how out of touch with reality the far-left elites have become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eleanor Merkus

Shame on her for being So out of touch with what is going on in the world!!
What a ridiculous post! Well the greens are without a brain to lead them now

Marion Leyland

Is Elizabeth May drunk again? That could be the only answer to such an absurd tweet – and even that is a stretch!


God Forgive if Canadians Vote for the Greens, Liberals or the NDP. These are all Socialist Parties and we will become Venezuela North. Elizabeth May is an Absolute Nut Case. God Help us if she even becomes the Opposition. I Cannot Believe that this Nut Case is becoming more popular with Voters. Canadians, Please Give your Head a Shake. What are you Thinking or are you Thinking?


Climate science has turned into bad political policies with pick and choose what to publish.
Many areas of importance is being ignored for political “Bravado Backslapping”.
And, outrageously massive costs in a colder climate country.

Dave T

What an idiot, can’t believe people vote for this garbage. Anyone who actually looks into the research knows climate change has occurred for millions and millions of years and is continually changing. CO2 has nothing to do with it, the Sun has the biggest influence on the Earth’s climate. Also the volcano’s going off just in the last month have emitted more CO2 than humans will this year, but again CO2 has nothing to do with climate change anyways.

Don Piche

This is an example of an absolutely clueless “Leader” of a political party allowed into the election debates while Maxime Bernier is excluded?!! Call me when this politically-correct Bizarro rhetoric is done & finished with….


Better stock the larder with dry goods because the jars and cans will break come freezing, better stock up on candles for light, oil lamps- the power grid will be down without oil and gas even the big ugly windmills won’t work without it ( or those who have electric cars, unless they are self powered solar for use on sunny days) do not count on work either as no lights or machinery running, stock up on woolens suede and leather as they are warmer in the cold, and plastic will soon be gone, find a way to store water… Read more »


The entire climate change scenario is hogwash. We are entering a grand solar minimum and if anything temperatures will drop. The greens while they may have good intentions will only further spit the vote further of the tenuous silly idea called democracy in a first past the post system.


How odd, as we are entering into a Grand Solar Minimum. This alarmism is unbecoming on her.


There is no point of just one country going off oil. That in itself would be foolish as our defenses systems air, land and sea depend on fossil fuels to keep Canada safe. All countries around the world must act in unison and that is not at all likely to happen. It would make for a good commitment from one of our federal candidates in October.


I hope she does not ride her horse to exhaustion getting to the House of Commons – or is she going to move into a tent on the lawn?


Ms. May could not have said that, if she did she would be completely out of touch, out of a right persons mind and a fear mongering demagogue…..oops that just completely describe E. May!

Shawn Harris

The Liberals, Greens and NDP have all become the same party, there are no differences anymore. Each separately and together now are extreme left radical socialist parties; determined to destroy the very society,that has given them the freedom to be politicians, that Canadians have contributed to, raised our standard of living upon and rely upon for our futures. By continually declaring the world is going to end, pick any date in the future, they have exposed themselves as raving lunatics, carrying on about how they are the only ones with a real solution to a problem that doesn’t exist; to… Read more »


What an idiot.

William Jones

I think any comments from Elizabeth May could be seen as simply a ‘Liberal in disguise’ statement.