RACISM? Liberal MP Insinuates Indigenous Woman Can’t Represent Rural Areas

Imagine if a Conservative had said that…

Liberal MP Marc Miller, who is also the parliamentary secretary for Crown-Indigenous Relations, apparently thinks that an Indigenous Women can’t represent rural areas.

That seems to be the ‘point’ he was trying to make in a Tweet that totally backfired:

“In this episode of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party purchasing stock photos, we see them using an indigenous woman to represent « rural » areas. You can’t make this up. #cdnpoli”

Here are the photos included in the Tweet:

Here’s the thing:

Every party uses stock-photos. It’s a common practice.

So, why did Miller focus on this one?

What is his specific problem with the photo?

It sure seems that he believes an Indigenous Woman is somehow unable to represent rural areas. That leads to the question of who he thinks should be in the photo instead of an Indigenous Woman.

I think we know that answer to that.

Of course, if a Conservative had Tweeted this, the entire establishment media would be ripping into them as a ‘racist.’ So why is Miller not being called ‘racist’?

Because the biased, corrupted establishment media always gives the Liberals a free pass for this kind of BS.

Miller’s Tweet is appalling and shows the true attitude behind the scenes in the Liberal government. We saw some of that attitude in how Justin Trudeau treated Jody Wilson-Raybould, using her for political benefit and then throwing her under the bus when she refused to do the bidding of the elites.

So, help share this article and spread the word about the prejudiced and seemingly racist attitude being exhibited by the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Shawn Harris

Trudeau has once again openly displayed his racist, arrogant hypocrisy. He proudly claims that indigenous and first nations people are his highest priority, then proves that, by not condemning Mark Miller’s tweet, he actually endorses it. Miller’s tweet smacks of not just predigest, but also is highly condescending, and patronizing, even to the point of being paternalistic. Trudeau’s message to all first nations and indigenous peoples is, only the Liberals know what is best for you and don’t you forget it. Trudeau’s and Miller’s words and actions are a complete mockery of everything they say they stand for. Lastly, since… Read more »

William Jones

I am not sure there is anything that the Liberals can comment on successfully that is not ‘canned,’ is there? And, ass far as the mainstream media, forget it — they could not give you an accurate weather report if they were standing in a rainstorm.