Canadians Give Trudeau Poor Marks On China, Majority Want Huawei Banned

Another foreign policy failure by the Trudeau Liberals.

With the Trudeau Liberals repeatedly showing weakness towards Communist China, even in response to the kidnapping of our citizens, the blocking of our exports, and the overall disrespect being shown towards our country by the Communist State, it’s clear that Canadians are unimpressed with how the Trudeau government has handled things.

According to a recent Nanos Poll, just 25% of Canadians say the Trudeau government’s handling of relations with China has been ‘good or very good.’ 27% say it’s been ‘average. The largest number (40%), say it’s been ‘poor or very poor.’

The poll also shows 52% of Canadians saying Huawei should be banned from our 5G networks, while just 19% are against a ban. 29% say they aren’t sure.

The Globe & Mail also reports that 69% of Canadians have a negative view of Huawei, while a mere 11% have a positive view.

Clearly, it’s time for Canada to take firm action and ban Huawei, in addition to pulling our money from the Communist China-controlled Asia Infrastructure Bank, and begin decoupling our economy from China to send trade elsewhere.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube