‘CONVENIENT’: There’s Widespread Skepticism Towards Video Of Crazy Racist Lady Who Just Happens To Have “Vote Andrew Scheer” Sign

After all the hoaxes, who really believes this is what it seems?

A disturbing video making the rounds online is being greeted with widespread skepticism.

It shows a crazy woman yelling at someone holding a camera, going on a vicious rant against him and then spitting on him.

The video can be viewed below:


According to reports, the woman – identified as Talya Davidson – has been arrested.

While the video appears to be real, there is widespread skepticism towards her supposed political affiliations, with many the vast majority of people referring to it as ‘staged.’

Her Facebook page also appears quite odd, featuring a Conservative logo, a message to “vote for the patriarchy,” and other posts which seem ‘too convenient.’


And here’s the really weird thing, there appear to be only two days worth of posts on the page. Earlier, I had reported that it appeared the page was only two days old, and now it has been revealed that the page has been around for a while, but all her old posts were deleted. However, some were recovered by The Post Millennial.

Also, it includes a link to ‘taliadavidson.wordpress.com,’ but that page is ‘protected’ and cannot be accessed.

Additionally, her YouTube account has just two days worth of posts on it.

Here’s what people are saying:


Still, the Conservatives were quick to respond and condemn the racist woman:

Something about this certainly seems off, and people are rightfully demanding more answers before believing the narrative.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter