Doug Ford Issues Statement On Gun & Gang Violence In Toronto

Ontario Premier issues statement as shootings surge in Toronto.

With Toronto experiencing a surge of shootings as the policies of weak-on-crime politically correct liberal politicians continue to fail, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has issued a statement.

Ford says he will be authorizing $1.5 million to “put boots on the ground” to keep people safe.

He also says a province-wide strategy has been launched to “dismantle gangs once and for all and ensure criminals who commit offences using firearms end up where they belong – behind bars.”

Ford’s full statement is below:

“Our government is doing everything in its power to fight the recent episodes of gun and gang violence and protect law-abiding citizens. I’m proud we’re taking the necessary steps today to give our men and women in uniform the extra boost they need to go after these violent criminals. They have our backs and we will always have theirs.”

“Our government is investing $25 million over four years to support the fight against gun and gang violence in the City of Toronto. Mayor Tory and Chief Saunders have indicated a pressing need for the provincial contribution to the gun and gang fight to be used to support surge funding for anti-gun and gang police operations. Today, our government is delivering by taking the necessary steps to authorize up to $1.5 million of our contribution to be used to put boots on the ground where they are needed most to keep people safe.”

“In addition to the $25 million invested in Toronto over four years, our government has also launched a province-wide strategy to dismantle gangs once and for all and ensure criminals who commit offences using firearms end up where they belong – behind bars.”

“I want to thank all of our frontline officers who have been working tirelessly to respond to the recent wave of violence and keep violent criminals off our streets. We owe them a debt of gratitude. We will continue to work with our police to build on this important strategy in the coming weeks.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Our judges, let them out. What about changing all that has to do with that?

Shawn Harris

At least Doug Ford is doing something about guns and gang related shootings. The Liberals under Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne would have said that the shootings are a result of suspects having experienced the crime differently or that their crimes were the results of a uncaring society that wouldn’t let them live their life of crime and that they are being discriminated against by having to obey the laws like other citizens. For too long, criminals have been able to get away with shootings, knowing that the courts are very lenient and that the accused are portrayed as the victim… Read more »


Doug Ford and his Conservatives are protecting us, thankfully, they are a great team, but if you only read tax paid mainstream media you’d think they were demons or some other monsters with all the lieberal and lefty lies and attacks. How could anyone vote for lieberals/ndp/greens, unless they were fooled, or are fools o gangsters off scott free and dislike their country, love corruption, no laws that are used fairly, and no honesty, with a very healthy disregard for money and government debt and waste. Lets unit and fight for a real FOR Canadians, and Canada government, and vote… Read more »

alan skelhorne

do you spencer, really think that Trudeau will allow this to happen in Toronto.
afterall he loves criminals.

Stan Bleszynski

Liberate the gun law allowing the citizens to arm themselves to fight gun-wielding criminals. Police is not enough, especially that they always had a penchant for spending their work time more safely chasing & ticketing motorists which does nothing to stop violent crime.