POLL: 90% Of Canadians View Communist China’s Government Negatively

And those views of China continue to worsen.

As Communist China continues to detain two kidnapped Canadians, block our exports, stamp out freedom in Hong Kong, and show themselves to be a ruthless authoritarian regime opposed to Canadian values, impressions of China’s government among Canadians continue to worsen.

According to a Nanos poll for The Globe & Mail, a whopping 90% of Canadians have either a ‘negative,’ or ‘somewhat’ negative impression of China.

“On Canadians’ view of Beijing, the survey shows that 90 per cent have negative or somewhat negative impressions of China’s government and its leader, President Xi Jinping.

“Significantly both the intensity and scope of negative views are on the rise among Canadians. The brand of the Chinese government has effectively been negatively hammered,” pollster Nik Nanos said in an interview.”

According to Nanos, fewer than 5% of Canadians have a positive view of China’s government.

Negative impressions towards China have worsened by 7 points since 2018.

As I’ve said before, Canada’s politicians should be bringing our nation together in opposition to the Chinese Communist State. With Canada more divided than ever before, few things unite us as much as our disdain for China’s brutal government, and we need to stand together to defend our country and our values.

Spencer Fernando