POLL: 90% Of Canadians View Communist China’s Government Negatively

And those views of China continue to worsen.

As Communist China continues to detain two kidnapped Canadians, block our exports, stamp out freedom in Hong Kong, and show themselves to be a ruthless authoritarian regime opposed to Canadian values, impressions of China’s government among Canadians continue to worsen.

According to a Nanos poll for The Globe & Mail, a whopping 90% of Canadians have either a ‘negative,’ or ‘somewhat’ negative impression of China.

“On Canadians’ view of Beijing, the survey shows that 90 per cent have negative or somewhat negative impressions of China’s government and its leader, President Xi Jinping.

“Significantly both the intensity and scope of negative views are on the rise among Canadians. The brand of the Chinese government has effectively been negatively hammered,” pollster Nik Nanos said in an interview.”

According to Nanos, fewer than 5% of Canadians have a positive view of China’s government.

Negative impressions towards China have worsened by 7 points since 2018.

As I’ve said before, Canada’s politicians should be bringing our nation together in opposition to the Chinese Communist State. With Canada more divided than ever before, few things unite us as much as our disdain for China’s brutal government, and we need to stand together to defend our country and our values.

Spencer Fernando

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So the 5% who have a positive view of China’s S0cialist, Communist Government are all that would vote for the “lefties” here in Canada, you would think?

alan skelhorne

so 90% say they hate the ways of china, yet they love Trudeau, and he is pulling the same stunts here in Canada. but the people cannot see it, really.

Norbert Kausen

I would suggest that 90% of Canadians despise Trudeau, but Trudeau has bribed the fake stream media into pushing his liberal narrative, using the tax-payer money, making it appear that he is doing better than he REALLY is. Absolute corruption!


Yes totally insane but China keeps it’s money.

Brian Mellor

China is involved with technology and economic terrorism they are involved with controlling countries though company take-overs, big loans and installing their government supporters into those facilities and stealing info on people, companies and country.

Brian Mellor

China is a leader in technological and economic terrorism. They do this through company purchases, loans to gov. and installation of software. They take control over companies by installing their people sending info on people, company info, and government back to their own people. China is a country which can not be trusted as they have shown by imprisonment of people and treatment of their won. They are running out of jobs for ther ow population and use the above tactics to place them around the world The world needs to be verey afraid.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has had more than eight months now to do the right thing and he still expects us all to accept the lies that he and his government are doing everything to resolve the problems with China. Well, the problem with China, isn’t going away. Because of Trudeau being trapped in his love for China’s basic dictatorship, it is getting worse by the day. Canadians know what has to be done, but Trudeau refuses to do it. That is, stand up firmly to China, in every way possible; starting with booting the Chinese ambassador from Canada, putting very high duties… Read more »


Canadians should start singing our national anthem and realy reflect on its words.The way we are in Canada now.Canada can be sold to the highest bidder.The forefathers build this land for us to manage it, not to sell its pride.


China is not doing to us only.When I was in Mexico city few years ago.I wanted to buy a special doll called China Poblana for my grand daughter.When the salesman handed me the doll it was made in China.I told him I want the doll made in Mexico.He said what can I do China copies everything we have.So there you go, China wants to sell cheap products and kill all industries in every country not just in Canada and USA.