Two People Shot Dead In Toronto Over The Weekend

Surge of violence continues.

Violence continues spreading in the Greater Toronto Area.

In just the past week and a half, 25 people have been shot in the city.

Two more people were shot dead over the weekend.

A man was shot and killed in Vaughan, having checked himself into hospital with a gunshot wound and later dying.

In East York, a man was shot and killed near a school on Wakunda Place.

While shooting deaths in Toronto are down from 2018 at this time (19 vs 30), that seems to be a matter of random chance, since the total number of shootings are up from the same time last year (390 vs 329).

Toronto is on pace for one of the most violent years in regards to shootings.

And while politicians focus on ‘gun laws,’ it turns out that it’s gang crime that is causing the surge of violence, and we all know that gangs aren’t following the gun laws. With many guns illegally entering Canada along our border with the US, the same politicians who talk about further imposing restrictions on law-abiding gun owners never seem to talk about strengthening and securing our border or cracking down on gangs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube