As ‘Hate Hoax’ Collapses, Will The Establishment Media Apologize To Andrew Scheer & Canadian Conservatives?

Don’t hold your breath.

Much of the establishment media jumped all over the video of a so-called ‘Scheer supporter’ going on an unhinged racist rant.

Mainstream media pundits said Scheer ‘had to respond,’ and elites across the country eagerly retweeted the video and wrote stories about it, while notably leaving out the fact that there was widespread skepticism about the incident from the very beginning.

Now, with websites like & The Post Millennial revealing that it looks very much like a ‘hate hoax,’ and with journalists from The Rebel sharing details bringing the story into even more doubt, those same establishment elites aren’t so eager to talk about it.

Yet, they also aren’t doing the same thing they demanded of Scheer: Responding right away.

After all, the establishment spread a shaky story trying to discredit and attack Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, so at the very least they should be apologizing for pushing what clearly looks like a hoax.

Where are the apologies?

Where is the talk of ‘misinformation’ being spread on social media?

Where is the acknowledgement of error?

Nowhere to be found.

This is why the establishment press can not be trusted. They make stuff up to discredit people they disagree with (mostly Conservatives). They spread lies. They spread misinformation. And then, when exposed, they simply do nothing at all and pretend it didn’t happen.

Scheer and the Conservatives deserve an apology from the establishment media, but don’t hold your breath expecting it to happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Glen Runowski

Whoever she is, she’s the Canadian version of Jussie Smollett.


Again if we only had a real legal system, and punishment to suite these country destroying lefties/rightys they would all be charged as traitors +, and in prison, long before this.

Zoot Man

Someone needs to charge them under the law and make them face their crime of fraud.


Absolute desperation from the libs. Sickening display as always.


The Truthful Independent Media “The Rebel” Reported this Hoax Well, and Very Honestly. The Rebel is a GREAT Conservative Media Outlet, yet Andrew Scheer doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Rebel. Conservatives have been Very Upset with this Weak, Globalist Leader. I hope that during Andrew Scheer’s Campaigning that he answers ALL Questions Very Truthfully from all Canadians who have been Conservative for decades! We are NOT Happy with Him!

William Jones

Actually, there is no need for the question since it is self-answering.

David Henley

So if an apology is needed to conservatives then one would have to be sent to Bernier and the PPC. Since Scheer says he is a centralists he is not a conservative. Let’s not mistakes about who is who. Scheer is not conservative just has a party with a name.