LISTEN: Spencer Fernando Discusses Apparent ‘Hate Hoax’ On The Marc Patrone Show

Listen to the discussion here.

I was recently on The Marc Patrone show on Sauga 960 AM to discuss what increasingly appears to be an anti-Conservative ‘hate hoax’ that the establishment press fell for.

Patrone and I discussed how the original narrative was breaking down from the very beginning, and how the establishment media didn’t seem to notice obvious holes in the story.

You can listen to the discussion below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thomas Tass

This is the “modus provokandi” of the extremists in the Liberal party. Smear any body that opposes them, spread fear within the electorate based on gender, race and ethnicity.


The conversation does not say anything!


Trudeau is playing Scheer like a naive child. Trudeau says something and Scheer is forced to react. Always on the defensive.

Unless the Conservatives can come up with some way to resist the attacks of the cartel of Liberals, Greens and NDP, Canada is in serious trouble. Three against one, exactly what Trudeau wants, and the stupid Greens and NDP are willing partners.