BREAKING: Trudeau GUILTY Of Violating Conflict Of Interest Act, Inappropriately ‘Directed’ Jody Wilson-Raybould To Interfere To Benefit SNC-Lavalin Rules Ethics Commissioner

A devastating ruling for Trudeau, revealing he’s been lying the entire time.

Justin Trudeau has been lying to Canadians the entire time about SNC-Lavalin.

That’s the obvious conclusion Canadians are reaching after the breaking news that the Ethics Commissioner has ruled that Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act by inappropriately pressuring Jody Wilson-Raybould to help SNC-Lavalin escape criminal prosecution.

Trudeau’s actions were “contrary” to prosecutorial independence ruled the Ethics Commissioner.

Making matters even worse, Trudeau and the Liberal government violated the “Shawcross Doctrine,” which supposed to protect the Attorney General office from political interference.

This is absolutely devastating for Trudeau, because it reveals everything he said was a lie, and all of his denials were false.

He must not be allowed to run.

Much more to come on this story…

Spencer Fernando

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Keep the good new coming!
Time for the most incompetent and outright corrupt joke of a pm to be flushed!

alan skelhorne

we can only wish jim, but I see him going back to the office as usual. he should be in jail, however, this guy is so protected, its impossible to bring him down.


Why can’t they all be charged and made to step down, so unethical, they are one world country destroyers. Call an election now. but make this truth front page news first, force it legally.


Surprise! Surprise! Lying and scamming the Canadian people just as we’d thought!


We demand his resignation. Out of politics and political participation in any way. This is disgusting and very embarrassing. This will go around the world.


I am Very Happy with the Updated Good News on the SNC Scandal, Especially since there has been No Mention of it for a Few Months. The Polls have recently been Appalling, with Polls showing a Tie between the Conservatives and the Liberals. I was very Doubtful of the Polls being Truthful, but at the same time, I was Afraid that Canadians had Forgotten about Another Time that this Lying, Corrupt PM and his Liberal Party, were the Criminals in the SNC Corrupt Scandal. I’m glad that Canadians’ Brains have been Refreshed!

David Henley

for all the laws that Trudeau has broken, that now the ethics commissioner comes out at this time to show how untrustworthy Trudeau is. Scheer has the same problem if he where to investigated. how quiet everything was after he destroyed all the evidence about his his leadership win. Corruption fighting corruption. No one looks into what he has done. no one asking questions. Why????