COVER-UP: Trudeau Government Officials Withheld Information From Ethics Commissioner

Privy Council Office denied the Ethics Commissioner important information, meaning the devastating report could have been even worse.

The report by the Ethics Commissioner is devastating for the Trudeau Government.

Yet, it turns out it could have been even worse.

In his report, the Ethics Commissioner revealed that the Trudeau Government Privy Council Office withheld information from the Commissioner, even though the Privy Council was being itself investigated.

Here’s what the Ethics Commissioner said about the withholding of information:

“To avoid potential delays in future investigations and to carry out my investigative mandate, I must have access to all documents I consider necessary to execute my duties. I am subject to confidentiality obligations for all documents, including protecting confidentiality of Cabinet documents, under both section 51 of the Conflict of Interest Act and section 90 of the Parliament of Canada Act. The decision made by the Privy Council Office to deny our Office access to a full range of Cabinet confidences meant nine witnesses were constrained in providing our Office with the full body of evidence potentially relevant to the examination. I believe that decisions relating to my access to such information should be made transparently and democratically by Parliament, not by the very same public office holders who are subject to the regime I administer.” – Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion

So, the report could have been even worse.

And even as the Trudeau Liberals were publicly claiming to support the investigation, it turns out that they were still engaging in a cover-up.

The corruption of this government has reached an astounding level.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter