COVER-UP: Trudeau Government Officials Withheld Information From Ethics Commissioner

Privy Council Office denied the Ethics Commissioner important information, meaning the devastating report could have been even worse.

The report by the Ethics Commissioner is devastating for the Trudeau Government.

Yet, it turns out it could have been even worse.

In his report, the Ethics Commissioner revealed that the Trudeau Government Privy Council Office withheld information from the Commissioner, even though the Privy Council was being itself investigated.

Here’s what the Ethics Commissioner said about the withholding of information:

“To avoid potential delays in future investigations and to carry out my investigative mandate, I must have access to all documents I consider necessary to execute my duties. I am subject to confidentiality obligations for all documents, including protecting confidentiality of Cabinet documents, under both section 51 of the Conflict of Interest Act and section 90 of the Parliament of Canada Act. The decision made by the Privy Council Office to deny our Office access to a full range of Cabinet confidences meant nine witnesses were constrained in providing our Office with the full body of evidence potentially relevant to the examination. I believe that decisions relating to my access to such information should be made transparently and democratically by Parliament, not by the very same public office holders who are subject to the regime I administer.” – Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion

So, the report could have been even worse.

And even as the Trudeau Liberals were publicly claiming to support the investigation, it turns out that they were still engaging in a cover-up.

The corruption of this government has reached an astounding level.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It is beyond an astounding level.

It is at a sickening level.


Are there no sanctions in law for non-compliance?
If there are no sanctions for non-compliance then what’s the point of everything? Everyone else in society must comply with all kinds of laws, why not them/him?


Hi Spencer You should list all of the people who sit on this Privy Council so the public can get a better view of these crooks that we are paying their salary


Not only a resignation is justified, multiple arrests and charges are in order. All those concerned in the Liberal Party and in Government must stand away and allow unfettered access by the Ethics Commissioner and the RCMP. This could very well go as far as CSIS. The Canada Pension Plan Board has billions of our money “invested” in foreign countries. How deeply are the Liberals involved? Fair questions that need answers and not the kind of answers that the Liberals spew in Question Period. We need accuracy and truth.


If our court and legal system is not controlled by this puppet government why have they not been charged as they are traitors to Canada. Why is no one with power tracing where our money and debt is going and already gone to, they are an illegal government and trying to stay in power falsely again backed by foreigners and the un Canadian Laurentian “elites”. All the secrets and lies, all the fake goodie adverts in our mainstream media, giving away billions of our money. The Trudeau lieberals set up an infrastructure bank, with billions of our money, but they… Read more »

Glen Davidson

That corrupt British organization called the “Privy Council” should be abolished and sent back to corrupt old England. The “Privy Council” is the secret society of Canada, full of criminals who care not about Canada and Canadians.

Dave Allsopp

This cabinet has an “astonishing level” of corruption…when compared to previous governments.
One must realize, however, that this government was to be the one to destroy Canada’s sovereignty so to them corruption was and is of little consequence. By 2021 the UN was to be governing this land!