Read The Full Ethics Commissioner Report Finding Trudeau Guilty HERE

Report destroys all of Trudeau’s explanations and excuses, while vindicating everything Jody Wilson-Raybould said.

The full report of the Ethics Commissioner has been released.

The report reveals that everything Justin Trudeau said was a lie, while everything Jody Wilson-Raybould says was vindicated.

You can read the full report below:


Trudeau II Report by Spencer Fernando on Scribd

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Let’s see how he spins it this time. Did the Ethics Commissioner just experience the SNC debacle differently perhaps? Was it all Stephen Harper’s fault?


How can Canada Possibly have a PM Found GUILTY on another Ethics Violation Campaign and Run in the October Election? He MUST be Prosecuted and Jailed! He is Obviously NOT Fit to Govern this Once Great Nation and He NEVER Was!


Old eyes have a hard time with that gray small print, I will need to come back to this latter, thank you Spencer, this gave me a real laugh, how can anyone call these messed up people “The right Honorable” as they were never right or at all honorable, a real misuse of the English language yet again.