VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Press Conference After Devastating Ethics Commissioner Report

Ethics Commissioner finds Justin Trudeau broke the law.

Justin Trudeau is holding a press conference – originally about an unrelated announcement – that will surely include questions on the absolutely devastating Ethics Commissioner report that revealed Trudeau broke federal law.

The report revealed that Trudeau has been lying the entire time, while Jody Wilson-Raybould was telling the truth.

You can watch Trudeau spin his web of lies below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Problem with Trudeau, he came to office after partying and snowboarding so he lacked the experience of stealth underhanded politicking where you break laws in private of have someone else take the fall.
Takes decades to learn that…
Or your inexperience, gets you into trouble.

Diane DiFlorio

Liar Liar, Pants on FIRE !


Only Justin Trudeau could walk away smiling after giving a flimsy excuse when being questioned about being found guilty of ethics violations. Sure, Justin, it was all about Canadian jobs. We know. “Or any other government”…no other government in Canadian history has been so crooked as his.


D.D. It was NOT about Canadian Jobs. It was about HIS Job. He is the MP for Papineau, which is situated next to SNC. If it was about Canadian Jobs, why did he help destroy over 100,000 Jobs in Alberta??


you have helped your elite friends ….NOT CANADIANS

Moe S.

“I’m at fault. I’m not at fault. I had good intentions. I made a mistake. I was trying to save jobs, which is what Canadians expect. I’ll do better.” Trudeau and his cabal are shameless & corrupt.


Seems the PM does not learn from the past who can believe this PM ever. Lies lies lies


A message to our prime minister – “This is not how we do things in Canada”.


Reflect on how to do things better from behind bars.