VIDEO: Scheer Tells Trudeau To His Face, “Stop Lying To Canadians”

“You need to come clean” added Scheer.

In New Brunswick, Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau were face to face, and Scheer didn’t hold back on what he thought.

“Stop lying to Canadians,” said Scheer, before adding “You need to come clean.”

Trudeau’s response?

“Oh, this is a good day today.”

I guess Trudeau thinks it’s a good day, since the establishment press and the corrupt system is letting get away with breaking Ethics Law.

You can watch the video of the confrontation below:

[email protected] bumped into Justin Trudeau yesterday in New Brunswick. Scheer had a blunt message that Trudeau needed to start being honest with Canadians about his SNC-Lavalin scandal and cover-up. #cdnpoli”

Later on Twitter, Scheer also commented on Trudeau’s “this is a good day” comment:

“It should have been a great day, but Canada’s PM was just found guilty – again – of breaking federal ethics law. It is incredibly troubling that Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand how serious this is and that he keeps helping his political insiders get ahead, instead of Canadians.”

With the system totally corrupted, the only real justice that can be delivered will have to come in a massive defeat for the Liberals in the upcoming election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gerri Page

So there’s Scheer with a big smile on his face shaking hands with the enemy and then tells him to stop lying to Canadians??


So what do you think scheer should have done or should do?

don morris

Scheer should have shouted in a voice that everyone could hear. He looked meek.


He shouldn’t make it to October! He and his friends should all be arrested and convicted. No measly fine!

don morris

Please stop fantasizing and come down to reality. Trudeau is not going to jail, neither will anyone else in his close circle. They broke no laws for which there can be a trial and sentence,just schoolboy rules of ethics. The ugly reality at this point eight weeks from an election is that Trudeau could win again. Scheer is NOT making a big impression with the general public so far, hope he has plans once the official campaign starts,or we’re stuck with the LPC again.

Elizabeth Thorne

Don’t cha just love how all the party leaders are saying “I will not participate in any debate without Max Bernier being allowed, after all Canada is a Democracy and he has the right to speak”. Justine should not be allowed to make up rules as we go right?

old white guy

The PPC is a valid political party and has every right to be at every debate, maybe even more so that the “green” freaks.

Glen Aldridge

With Trudeau it is SNC Lavalin & with Scheer it is The Leadership Race & The Dairy Cartel. Not much difference between the two when it comes to ethics from what I can see.


Until the election is officially called, we Canadians are paying for every single dollar Trudeau’s travels are costing us. He is pretending it is part of his duties as PM when he is doing nothing but campaigning and throwing out billions to buy votes. He has no problem repeatedly committing fraud. Liberal culture.

Shawn Harris

When the government becomes corrupted by its leadership, then our whole nation is under threat of collapse. Like all criminals, Trudeau expects us all to believe he isn’t guilty, even though the evidence is overwhelmingly against his innocence. In all of the lies Trudeau has spewed out, he has only confirmed his guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Trudeau must resign and face criminal charges of obstruction of justice and corruption.
Only then will it be a great day for Canada and all Canadians.


The real problem is that ethics “law” in liberal Canada is still really only an ethics “suggestion.”