VIDEO: Scheer Tells Trudeau To His Face, “Stop Lying To Canadians”

“You need to come clean” added Scheer.

In New Brunswick, Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau were face to face, and Scheer didn’t hold back on what he thought.

“Stop lying to Canadians,” said Scheer, before adding “You need to come clean.”

Trudeau’s response?

“Oh, this is a good day today.”

I guess Trudeau thinks it’s a good day, since the establishment press and the corrupt system is letting get away with breaking Ethics Law.

You can watch the video of the confrontation below:

“.@AndrewScheer bumped into Justin Trudeau yesterday in New Brunswick. Scheer had a blunt message that Trudeau needed to start being honest with Canadians about his SNC-Lavalin scandal and cover-up. #cdnpoli”

Later on Twitter, Scheer also commented on Trudeau’s “this is a good day” comment:

“It should have been a great day, but Canada’s PM was just found guilty – again – of breaking federal ethics law. It is incredibly troubling that Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand how serious this is and that he keeps helping his political insiders get ahead, instead of Canadians.”

With the system totally corrupted, the only real justice that can be delivered will have to come in a massive defeat for the Liberals in the upcoming election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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