Libs Panicking About Possible RCMP Investigation?

Hill Times report quotes Liberal MP saying “If the RCMP comes in, we’re cooked.”

While the Liberals are projecting confidence and support for PM Trudeau publicly, there appear to be growing concerns behind the scenes.

According to a report from the The Hill Times, some Liberal MPs are increasingly concerned about the possibility of an RCMP investigation, and are attempting to distance themselves from Justin Trudeau:

“Some Liberals said they are already considering dropping Mr. Trudeau’s name or image from their campaign material, because of a significant drop in the prime minister’s personal approval rating in public opinion polls.”

One MP told the The Hill Times, “If the RCMP comes in, we’re cooked.”

What’s notable about this is that the Liberals are singing a much different tune publicly. They’re acting as if nothing was done wrong, Trudeau is doubling-down on his refusal to apologize, and the Liberals are doing everything they can to pretend it’s not a scandal.

But when they’re being honest (away from public view of course), it seems they’re admitting that Trudeau’s brand is a big problem, and realize that an RCMP investigation would be a confirmation to Canadians that something seriously nefarious took place.

The fact that the Liberals are even in this position is an indictment of Trudeau’s ethics or lack thereof. After all, Trudeau promised the most ‘open and transparent’ government of all time. Instead, he and his party are now approaching the election in fear of their corrupt approach to governance being investigated by the RCMP.

Promise made, promise broken.

Spencer Fernando

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