Scheer Says He “Won’t Lift A Finger” To Bring Jihadi Jack To Canada

“Trudeau needs to explain” why he supports bringing him back says Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is commenting on reports of Britain stripping Jihadi Jack of Citizenship.

On Twitter, Scheer said “He’s in prison now and that’s where he should stay.”:

“He’s in prison now and that’s where he should stay. I won’t lift a finger to bring him back to Canada. Justin Trudeau needs to explain why he worked so hard to bring him back.”

Scheer’s remarks come as the Trudeau Liberals are under fire for their support for letting ISIS terrorists maintain their Canadian Citizenship, something Trudeau once bragged about.

Jihad Jack had dual Canadian & British Citizenship, but because the Trudeau Liberals repealed a Conservative law that made it possible to revoke the citizenship of those who join terrorist organizations, Jihadi Jack is now Canada’s problem.

Many Canadians are rightfully outraged that the Trudeau government has taken away a tool we could have used to keep Jihadi Jack out of the country, and if the Conservatives win the next election we can expect them to pass legislation reinstating the ability to strip terrorists of Citizenship and protect the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank-you to Andrew Scheer. We finally have someone who speaks the same language of REAL Canadians!


We must not let these killers back in Canada! Andrew Scheer is absolutely right when he says he will not lift a finger to bring him back.

Shawn Harris

How can anyone justify supporting a terrorist?.Certainly Trudeau shouldn’t be supporting a terrorist, he is supposed to protect us from terrorists, not bring them home to Canada.And since terrorists are only too willing to kill anyone who they target, dislike and hate, then Canadians would be top of their list, because we have fought against and killed terrorists. Only in Trudeau’s warped and twisted world does someone who wants you dead still qualify to keep their citizenship. Even Britain has stripped Jihadi jack of his British citizenship; Trudeau should see that as a big heads up to not bring a… Read more »