VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Calls For RCMP Investigation Of Justin Trudeau

Scheer says RCMP must investigate whether Trudeau committed a crime.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is calling for an RCMP investigation of Justin Trudeau, following the Ethics Commissioner report which made clear that Trudeau violated ethics Laws.

In a press conference, Scheer discussed reports that Jody Wilson-Raybould has spoken to the RCMP about Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Wilson-Raybould had revealed the contact with the RCMP in a statement:

“To clarify my answer from yesterday—I was asked if the RCMP had contacted me in response to the ethics commissioner’s report and specifically since the RCMP’s public statement yesterday. The answer is no.However, and after clarifying with the RCMP, I can confirm that I was contacted by them this past spring regarding matters that first came to the public’s attention on February 7, 2019 in a Globe and Mail article. I will make no further statement regarding the content of my discussions and communications with the RCMP.”

Scheer says Trudeau now must be investigated, to determine whether he committed a crime.

You can watch Scheer’s press conference below:

“We know Justin Trudeau broke the law. Today I’m calling on the RCMP to investigate whether or not he committed a crime in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.”

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Interesting that the Conservatives must make it cheaper for the leftie bought out mainstream media just to try and get some honest coverage and it is so sad that that same media is trying so hard to keep trudeau and his “elites” out of handcuffs when including these bought out media people should all be in handcuffs, boy the RCMP has work to do, if we are all equal under the law. This bought out mainstream media is also trying to shut down and bad mouth the Conservative “Ontario News” the only place almost where you can get the truth… Read more »

Eric Blair

If the Commissioner of the RCMP doesn’t investigate, Scheer, when he becomes the PM, will no doubt fire Brenda Lucki as he will have no confidence in her abilities and, being a Trudeau appointee, will not help either. If she investigates Trudeau what is he going to do… replace her. That would be an admission of guilt however, he does stupid things all the time.