POLL: Conservatives Hold Narrow Lead

Liberals gain support in Quebec following resurgence of Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin controversy according to Ipsos poll.

A new Ipsos poll shows the Conservatives maintaining a narrow lead over the Liberals, with little change following the Ethics Commissioner report on Justin Trudeau’s violation of Ethics Law.

The Conservatives have 35% support nationally, while the Liberals are close behind at 33%. The Liberals are up 2 points since the previous Ipsos poll last month, and the Conservatives are down 2 points. Notably, both of those moves are within the margin of error, meaning the results are basically static.

Meanwhile, the NDP is at 18%, the Greens are at 9%, the Bloc is at 14% in Quebec, and the People’s Party is at 1%.

In the main battlegrounds of Ontario, Quebec, and BC, the results are mixed.

The Conservatives lead the Liberals in Ontario by 3 points.

In BC, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by 4 points.

And in Quebec, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by 19 points, having expanded their margin since the Ethics Commissioner report.

In terms of demographic breakdowns, the Conservatives lead the Liberals among men, and are tied among women. The Liberals lead among Canadians age 18-34, while they are tied with the Conservatives among Canadians age 35-54. Among Canadians 55 and above, the Conservatives lead the Liberals by 10 points.

This poll is one of the first major polls released since the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal re-emerged, so we will need to wait for more info to determine what impact it has had on voter opinion.

Spencer Fernando

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As a Canadian I am filled with deep sadness that our Prime Minister has committed a criminal offence (the condemnation by the Ethics Commissioner despite having all the information regarding the SNC Lavalin scandal points toward criminality) and is being allowed to spin it as protecting jobs. It is said that a population deserves the government it chooses to elect….as a country have we sunk so low to possibly re-elect a corrupt regime?


Amazing if you believe polls, what real Canadian could believe the lefty puppets outright lies and want this corruption and high taxes, big corrupt government, and Canada in really big debt, who could vote for this? New comers to Canada often left their prior countries because of the corruption, debt and division they know this can only lead to war, or the countries collapse and starvation etc. so should be smart enough to see, if they are planning on staying here, to vote for the Conservatives, who are usually a lot more careful, and not into dictatorship or communism but… Read more »

Margaret Smith

Am I missing something here? How is it possible that people can still support Trudeau after the report shows he violated the laws of ethics. Do they not care that we have a leader who does as he wishes and seems to get away with it and no one stands up against him. I had an idea we would see a new gov’t form in Oct but now I am not so sure anymore. This is not a good feeling.