Jagmeet Singh Says Wouldn’t Support Conservative Minority, Raising Prospect Of Liberal-NDP COALITION

It appears to be majority or bust for the Conservatives.

It looks increasingly likely that there won’t be a Conservative minority government.

Either it’ll be a Liberal-NDP & perhaps Green coalition, or a Conservative majority.

That prospect became even more likely following comments by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

As reported by CTV, Singh has responded to the Liberals release of Andrew Scheer’s 2005 remarks on same-sex marriage by saying he would not support the Conservatives if the NDP had the balance of power in a minority Parliament:

“Still, Singh said the video was a “resurfacing of Andrew Scheer’s disgusting prejudice against LGBTQI2S+ people.”

“This is exactly why, if Canadians deliver a minority government in October, I will not prop up Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. We can’t trust Mr. Scheer or his caucus to champion the fundamental rights of Canadians,” Singh said in an emailed statement.”

Since Singh has NOT said he would refuse to support the Liberals, it is clear that he’s leaving the door wide open to a Liberal-NDP Coalition following the election.

This makes the stakes of the upcoming election even clearer. Either a Conservative majority, or a far-left coalition will be in power, and considering how the Liberals, NDP, and Greens view the Canadian energy industry, a left-wing coalition would significantly increase the possibility of Western separation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube