Instead Of Campaigning On Their Own Governing Record In 2019, The Liberals Are Campaigning Against 2005 Andrew Scheer

Why talk about the present day when settled issues can be fought all over again?

The Trudeau Liberals should be talking about their record in government.

After all, that’s what a party proud of their record would be doing as they seek re-election.

But with multiple promises broken, the economy slowing, corruption allegations swirling, Ethics Law violated, and a vast majority of Canadians saying the Liberals don’t deserve to be re-elected, it appears the Liberals don’t have much of a record to talk about.

So, instead of campaign on their record, the Liberals are campaigning against 2005 Andrew Scheer.

A video of Scheer speaking out against same-sex marriage has been ‘unearthed’ by the Liberals. ‘Unearthed’ in this case means publicizing something that was already in the public domain. The video shows Scheer making remarks opposed to same-sex marriage, a position that was shared at the time by many people, including many Liberal politicians, and even then-US Senator Barack Obama.

Scheer and the Conservatives have since made clear that they support the law which provides same-sex couples with the right to marry, and Conservative delegates voted 1,036 to 462 in favour of ending the party’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

So, this is a settled issue.

Except for the Liberals.

The Liberals are trying to bring the settled issue up once again, in a manipulative effort to link Scheer’s choice not to attend pride parades with him supposedly being against same-sex marriage in 2019.

They’re ignoring the fact that 14 years have passed since Scheer’s remarks, and that 2005 Andrew Scheer is not who they’re actually running against. In reality, the Liberals are running against 2019 Andrew Scheer, who has stated that there will be no change to laws regarding marriage, and who leads a party that is no longer opposed to same-sex marriage.

It must be said that someone can choose not to attend pride parades and still support equality for LGBT people. To say otherwise is simply an attempt at demagoguery and division.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the Liberals are also campaigning against former PM Stephen Harper, pretending that he is somehow still in power rather than taking responsibility for their own record.

This is a time-worn political tactic for a desperate political party: If you can’t defend your record, attack the other guy. And if the other guy isn’t a good enough target, invent a fake version of your opponent and campaign against that.

Spencer Fernando

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Desperate libs will try anything. They know it is a lost cause.


The Trudopean government promised to have open, transparent, and honest government that would not be divisive and negative. What a joke!!! They are the masters of the opposite and expect Canadians to believe them. If Canada votes these clowns back in, Canada is finished. Wake up Canada!!!

William Jones

Anyone with a working intellect realizes that the Liberal Party, addressing its record in office would be asking to be defeated — so, what next? Typically, blame someone else for something else, relevant or not and hope for the best.


The reason the Liberals are campaigning against Scheer’s past is because they literally have nothing to campaign for on their own governing track record.

Thomas Tass

Smearing the opposition with lies and innuendos is standard operating practice in rotten corrupt political circles. Their record is clear. Canada is a failing state on many levels since the narcissistic toddler leadership and his gang of political goons conned the electorate in 2015. The Orwellian post nation state they created will begin a slow break up into smaller sovereign parts if they are still around in on October 22nd. This is likely the Laurentian Liberal plan all along.


Puppet Trudeau, and his lieberals always lie, with their advertising bought out mainstream media helping them, handing out billions right before this election, bragging that they have control now, of the illegal pot sellers, which also is not true, their legal stuff is way too expensive and just not as available. The Conservatives should be really going after the lieberal debt and out of control spending, especially out of country, how corrupt lieberals are, and lies and slant and corruption, but they are staying polite and honest. The Conservatives here in Ontario just released the financial mess left to them… Read more »