Another Liberal MP Decides Not To Run

Eva Nassif had been widely expected to run for re-election.

Yet another Liberal MP is deciding not to run, deepening the Liberals candidate woes as the election nears.

Quebec MP Eva Nassif – who was elected in 2015 – was widely expected to be the Liberal candidate for Vimy.

In a statement, Nassif said she decided not to seek a second term because of “recent events of a personal nature,” which she says she does “not take likely.”

Here statement in French & English can be read below:

This adds to the candidate struggles being faced by the Liberals, as they are behind both the Conservatives and People’s Party when it comes to candidate recruitment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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William Jones

Oh, she is running all right — away from the party in the event there is an honest criminal investigation — highly unlikely with ‘his’ appointed RCMP Commissioner, but better safe than sorry.