Complaint Alleges Trudeau Government Procurement Unfairly Favouring Quebec Company, Automatically Disqualifies Ontario Shipyards

Massive contract at stake.

Ontario shipyard Heddle Marine has filed an official complaint at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, alleging that the federal government is unfairly favouring a Quebec company in the bid for the third shipyard to be included in the national shipbuilding strategy.

According to a CP report, “The winning yard, which will join Halifax’s Irving Shipbuilding and Seaspan Marine in Vancouver in the massive naval procurement process, will be tasked with building six new icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard.”

“However, Heddle alleges in its complaint that many of the requirements the government says shipyards must meet to qualify for consideration are not legitimate or reasonable — and will disqualify virtually every yard but Davie.”

In the complaint, Heddle says “No shipyard in Canada that is eligible to apply for the contract is capable of satisfying this requirement except Chantier Davie Canada.”

That ‘requirement’ refers to the fact that the winning shipyard must either have a current contract or recent contract building a ship that weighs over 1,000 tonnes, and must have the ability to launch vessels that are wider than 24 metres.

No Ontario shipyard meets those specifications.

The report also notes that Justin Trudeau has made comments that seem to favour Davie, having said “We recognize that it’s an opportunity for Davie to apply to become that third shipbuilding facility because there will be a tremendous amount of work in the coming years.”

With an election approaching, and with the Liberals seeking to gain seats in Quebec to offset expected losses elsewhere, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that the feds have skewed or even rigged the process in favour of a specific company for their own electoral interests.

Ontarians should certainly be concerned to see their companies being so unfairly treated by the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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From reports during the Norman affair, it seems Davie is a decent shipyard, with work quality better than that of either Seaspan or Irving. If this is true, then I see no problem with them being No 3. However, the issue is whether the criteria which seem to favour Davie are necessary to the successful construction of the new ships. If the Ontario shipyards’ facilities are large enough to handle the construction, and if the workforce produces the proper quality of work (I know Irving has issues with wields), then those extraneous criteria should be dropped. Additionally, I want to… Read more »

Glen Runowski

This is the same tactic the Trudeau Liberals are using to keep Maxime Bernier out of the Munk Debates. They changed the rules so that he specifically would not qualify. Except in this case, they rigged it so only Chantier Davie would qualify. It’s juvenile of Trudeau and his gang to think no one would figure these cheats out.

peter black

The greed and corruption in Quebec never stops. It is tantamount to treason just like the killing of Energy East by Trudeau Butts and Legault

old white guy

why Quebec? because the crooks have been able to control Canada’s elections all my fairly long life. Canadians lack the ability to both think clearly and critically.

William Jones

Politics, politics, politics — votes, votes, votes — that is the whole story.

Shawn Harris

To think Trudeau, as recently as just last week, said he was all about protecting jobs. It would seem now that meant only the jobs in Quebec. Or in other words the jobs for citizens I need to get their votes from. He also promised to do politics differently, that must mean doing politics like his predecessors, Chretien and Martin, buying the votes in Liberal friendly ridings and provinces, like Quebec. If this decision to build new ships is anything like buying so called ‘interim fighter jets”, think replacement jets from Australia, to replace the now scrap metal ships we… Read more »


His expression says everything. What a clown!