Canadian Institute Of Steel Construction Rips Liberal Government For Handing “$42 BILLION In Construction Projects To China At Expense Of Canadians”

The Trudeau Liberals have granted “full duty remissions” to Communist China, meaning they can profit from the construction of two massive LNG projects in BC.

While the establishment media ignores the story, one of the biggest pieces of economic news has been happening under the surface.

It turns out, that at a time when Communist China is still arbitrarily detaining two Canadian Citizens, and a time when our exports are being blocked by the Communist State, the Trudeau Liberal Government just gave China the chance to make massive profits from two huge Canadian LNG Projects.

It’s a total betrayal of Canadian workers and Canadian companies, and the Liberals are being slammed by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction for the horrendous move.

You can read the full press release from the CISC below:

“The federal government announced on August 9, 2019, that it will be granting full duty remissions on illegally dumped fabricated steel from China to supply two liquid natural gas (LNG) projects located in British Columbia. Their recent action was announced with their assurance that “trade barriers would not be permitted to stand in the way of these historic private sector investments”.

The two projects involved are LNG Canada and Woodfibre LNG, both located on the coast of B.C. The partners in LNG Canada are made up of a consortium of investors of which include China. These two LNG projects will be modularized, meaning they will be built in smaller shippable pieces with all the equipment and components preinstalled. The modules will be connected on site, requiring very few construction workers. Essentially, in doing so, the largest project ever in the history of Canada will be handed over to Chinese businesses and workers.

“The announcement was very disappointing,” says Ed Whalen, President & CEO of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). “These two projects, if done in Canada, would have created hundreds of thousands of construction jobs for all trades across the country. Projects like these employ skilled workers from all over Canada and not just in the local area. This is a hundreds-of-thousands-of-jobs-lost kind of mistake.”

The duties on fabricated structural steel have been implemented by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) under the Special Import Measure Act (SIMA) after proof that China, South Korea and Spain were found to be illegally dumping into Canada. An appeal of the CITT’s decision is currently still pending in the Federal Court of Appeal.

“The government has called SIMA and the rulings of the CITT ‘trade barriers’ in their announcement! For the Government of Canada to call their own fair trade process a trade barrier is dumbfounding,” says Whalen. This statement will send shock waves across all Canadian industries contemplating future capital investment and their viability in Canada.”

Last fall, the federal government provided $275 million of taxpayers’ money to LNG Canada to encourage the project to go ahead. Interestingly, the maximum duty on steel from China would have been $275 million in total cost.

“For the Liberal government to double down with a remission was not necessary. They got their duty money last fall and now they get it twice,” says Whalen. “Minister Morneau also stated last fall the government would let the legal process take its course before any further action by government. The Liberal remission appears to be a pre-emptive move to override or influence the courts.”

Modules are custom for each construction project. Canada has been assembling modules for many years with the projects like those in Alberta. The argument that Canada does not or can’t do this work is false. What is true is that international oil and gas companies want the lowest cost, China’s illegal dumping and subsidizing provides that, the government of Canada will offer the legal framework to allow this to happen and Canadian construction workers no longer have access to projects in Canada.”

Help share this story far and wide to spread the word about how the Trudeau Liberals are enriching Communist China at the expense of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I think that we should all E-mail all those Unions that support the lieberals and make sure they know, that they will be loosing a lot of money (no union dues for them) and less unionized workers, the lieberals just gave their jobs away, too, but who cares for the future of Canadians or Canada, not this puppet government. How much more debt for Canada are they going to make? We better get a majority Conservative government, trade the Lieberals and their hidden money to the Chinese to get this work and production back in Canada, more and more horrific… Read more »


Unions that support the Liberals? You mean like UNIFOR, with Diaz the mob boss? His disturbingly personal “relationship” with Trudeau is going to put thousands of Union members out of work. Clearly Diaz doesn’t give a damn about the Members. Like Trudeau saying to hell with Canadians, Diaz is giving Union Members the finger.

Unions need to support a political Party that encourages support for Canadian jobs, and that is NOT the Trudeau Party.

Lorne Newell

What about the jobs? wait…………..these jobs aren’t SNC.

William Jones

At the risk of sounding somewhat bored, just what would one — anyone — expect from this government — a government hell-bent on destroying Canada? ‘He’ has clearly demonstrated that, as it was with ‘daddy’ he hates Canada and has indicated that reality at every opportunity. To be surprised at this point in time would clearly indicate an inability to understand the obvious.


Jobs was the reason Trudeau was found guilty in the latest scandal so Justin and his media bed partners say so I would like to know why Trudeau is not supporting Jobs in BC instead he gives them to China…..
Lie after lie with Justin Trudeau and his corruption ties to many who have lost theirs soul’s.

Gerri Page

More and more every reason to vote this idiot out and that includes the Liberals who need to vote him out also and all the fools who elected him.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau replied , just last week when the Ethics Commissioner said Trudeau broke the law on the pressuring the Attorney general, “that he was not apologising for protecting Canadian jobs”. So what he was really saying is, he will protect China and their workers while Canadian workers go begging for work, he could care less. Work that would have and still should be done by Canadians, not the Chinese. Trudeau is a traitor to Canada and Canadians. He has just proven once again, that the interests and priorities of other countries, China are more important to him, the lover of… Read more »


Every single unionized worker and every sub-contractor has to make damn sure all their employees know what Trudeau is deliberately doing. Diaz, for one, has to be removed from any Union involvement. He is the Head of Unifor but is deliberately giving away Canadian jobs and paycheques to his puppet Trudeau and his Communist Chinese friends.

Terry Hill

Modularization is becoming the standard method of construction. As for the loss of jobs, the modules aren’t the problem, the location of module fabrication is. I’m currently on my second large module construction job at Formosa Plasticson the Texas coast. All of the modules are fabricated in China by Wison, who are I believe are located in Shanghai. They also do the project management and safety. So, yes, jobs and money tend to flow towards China. Lots of money… I do find it ironic that despite their well known animosity-even hatred-towards each other, they still do business together. “Money talks,… Read more »


Truly gross. Obviously his objective is to impoverish Canadians and in this regard he earned an A+.

William Jones

This cannot come as a surprise to anyone who has witnessed Trudeau’s specific dislike for Canada — just as daddy had — and has no intention of putting Canada’s interests at the top of any of his ‘plans’ for Canada.

William Jones

As it always is with losers, they have to blame someone, anyone, something, anything for their poor efforts at all things and Harper is the first one he thinks of — hence his continuous blaming of Harper.

Don Lum

Trudeau is killing Canada with a thousand cuts……Softening us up for the UN agenda is in place….