Conservatives Have Strongest Core Support: Poll

Angus-Reid survey shows Conservatives have largest number of committed voters.

A new Angus-Reid poll shows the Conservatives have the strongest core support, far ahead of the Liberals on that measure.

When voters were asked how likely they would be to vote for each party, here’s what they said:

Conservatives – 25% definitely will vote for them, 19% are considering voting for them.

Liberals – 13% definitely will vote for them, 24% are considering voting for them.

NDP – 6% definitely will vote for them, 26% are considering voting for them.

Greens – 4% definitely will vote for them, 27% are considering voting for them.

This clearly shows the Conservatives with the strongest committed support, while Liberal support is far less committed.

However, the weak committed support for the NDP is something the Liberals are certainly chasing after, as the Liberals pursue an anti-Conservative fear campaign in an effort to coalesce the left-wing vote.

Whether that effort will work however is doubtful, with as many voters across the political spectrum see Justin Trudeau as a dishonest, lying politician.

These results also give Andrew Scheer more room to be ‘flexible’ in his approach to voters and move in a centrist direction, since the core Conservative vote is likely to stay with him. In large part, that is due to the intense level of opposition to Trudeau among many millions of Canadians who want to see Trudeau defeated, even if they aren’t too happy with the potential alternatives.

Spencer Fernando

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Keep splitting that left vote.
Bernier is all but finished and the race hasn’t even started.

David Bastable

I’m voting for Max Bernier, the only real Conservative in the bunch.

Dale Evjen

Ya, throw your vote away! I agree with your assertion “the only real Conservative in the bunch” but the Peoples Party doesn’t even register on the polls let alone to the ignorant public’s attention!!

Shawn Harris

As long as Trudeau continues to lie, deceive, insult, mock and hold Canadians in contempt, then the less solid support he will have. And so far he has done a masterful job of reducing his chances of still being PM come election day. Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives just need to remain focused on being the solution and answer to all of the Trudeau inspired troubles we have had to live with for these last four years. And then the public will see that the Liberals, NDP, Greens and Bloc are all the same party, far left socialists who would… Read more »