In Pre-Election Ad, Elitist Trudeau Pretends He Rides The Bus, Blames Harper Again

Trudeau goes negative with a positive tone.

The Liberals have unveiled their slogan for the upcoming election campaign.

“Choose Forward.”

In a new pre-election ad, the Liberals put their leader Justin Trudeau on a bus, pretending that he’s not the elitist son of a former PM.

The ad also deftly goes negative in a positive tone, with Trudeau ‘nicely’ blaming everything on Conservatives.

It shows that the Liberals intend to run a negative campaign – as has been obvious for some time – but will try to dress it up with flowery language to mask the reality of what they are saying.

On Twitter, some Conservative Senators panned Trudeau’s bus riding:

“We’re supposed to believe he rides a bus?

@JustinTrudeau’s only experience with buses is throwing people under them.

His own Cabinet Ministers, Vice-Admiral Norman, Michael Wernick…”

Justin Trudeau immortalizes his very first trip on a city bus.

“The last time Justin Trudeau did a photo-op with a bus, he threw “Jody” under it. #LavScam #FakeFeminist

And of course, the ad includes Trudeau blaming Harper again.

What a surprise…

You can watch the Liberal ad below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube