In Pre-Election Ad, Elitist Trudeau Pretends He Rides The Bus, Blames Harper Again

Trudeau goes negative with a positive tone.

The Liberals have unveiled their slogan for the upcoming election campaign.

“Choose Forward.”

In a new pre-election ad, the Liberals put their leader Justin Trudeau on a bus, pretending that he’s not the elitist son of a former PM.

The ad also deftly goes negative in a positive tone, with Trudeau ‘nicely’ blaming everything on Conservatives.

It shows that the Liberals intend to run a negative campaign – as has been obvious for some time – but will try to dress it up with flowery language to mask the reality of what they are saying.

On Twitter, some Conservative Senators panned Trudeau’s bus riding:

“We’re supposed to believe he rides a bus?

@JustinTrudeau’s only experience with buses is throwing people under them.

His own Cabinet Ministers, Vice-Admiral Norman, Michael Wernick…”

Justin Trudeau immortalizes his very first trip on a city bus.

“The last time Justin Trudeau did a photo-op with a bus, he threw “Jody” under it. #LavScam #FakeFeminist

And of course, the ad includes Trudeau blaming Harper again.

What a surprise…

You can watch the Liberal ad below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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“Choose Forward.” CANADA Vote Trudeau ( and his fake excuse Jobs for his Lies ) out come October!
Canada will move forward after the slid the past four years!


Amen to that!

Liba Cunnings

And the bus is heading where? Into an abyss?

Don Taylor

Trudeau always shows his true colours, a Liar and a thief


Trudope has NO Shame. He thinks that Canadians are Stupid and haven’t lived in this Once Great Nation for the last four years and Not Witnessed his Destruction of Canada. I can Hardly wait till October to Never have to See Him again in NO Way, Shape or Form.


Yes, jump on the Omnibus! Choose Forewarned!


Of course he has to claim to move forward, he can’t go much further backward. Disregarding ethics and trying to manipulate the Canadian legal System is simply not the way to move forward.

PS: Hey Justin, the driver sits at the forward part of the bus, the same place your pilots do on your polluting world travels.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau says follow me and choose forward, while he pushes everyone backwards with higher taxes. Just like he did with the middle class, he said he was helping them by raising their taxes; to Trudeau that was also moving forward in his mind. Everyone needs to vote Trudeau out in October; just to make certain that Trudeau moves forward to unemployment and out of the PM’s office for ever.

William Jones

Frankly, if that ad was not so pitiful, it might be funny. Blame, blame, blame. Did he actually invent the ‘blame game’? It appears he did.


Should have just let the whole Harper thing go. Serves them right if he gets back into the act.