Liberals Admit Carbon Tax Is Going Way Up

McKenna runs away from earlier promise to freeze the tax grab.

The Trudeau government is admitting that the carbon tax is going way up, with Catherine McKenna backing off an earlier promise to freeze the tax at $50 a tonne following 2022.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has backed off a pledge to freeze the carbon tax at $50 a tonne after 2022, saying a re-elected Liberal government would review the levy with provinces before deciding how to proceed. In June, Ms. McKenna said the Liberals planned not to increase the tax once it hit $50, which equates to roughly 11 cents a litre of gasoline.”

While the Liberals will try to weasel out of what this means, we have to consider it in context.

And that context is a government that repeatedly breaks their promises. So, if the Liberals are already backing off a promise not to raise the carbon tax, that’s an admission that the carbon tax will go way up after the election.

Also, consider the fact that the Liberals have totally ignored and even insulted provinces that oppose the carbon tax. So, if they’re claiming that they’ll ‘review the levy with provinces,’ that really means they’ll force a huge tax increase on the provinces.

Of course, that tax increase will really be paid for by Canadians, as the already-high cost of living surges even more. And this makes the importance of the election even clearer. If the Liberals get back into power, your taxes are going way up.

Spencer Fernando

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Sigh… Who still supports these frauds on election day?

Dave Allsopp

To vote Liberal at this point indicates a a serious self-loathing on the voter’s part! One would need to be a Liberal who ignores…everything!


Not only is the carbon tax going way up but is so ineffective that we will all be dead by the time it actually becomes effective.


We need a plan like the Doug Fords Conservatives are putting in place, it is so much common sense, right across Canada. But add getting rid of all the polluting air traffic until this can be made clean too as it is so highly polluting.


We pay $45 in BC and numbers show pollution is increasing. We get a pittance for a “rebate” if at all. The population is increasing here, but of course more people has nothing to do with energy consumption. Nothing.


Del, I am happy to hear the truth about the Carbon Tax in B.C. When Trudeau and McKenna started “Attempting” to Sell us The Carbon Tax Lie, in the Provinces who did not have the Carbon Tax, Lying and Deceitful Trudeau and McKenna used B.C. and Quebec as Examples of Very Happy Carbon Tax Recipients with the Strongest Economies in all of Canada. All because of the Carbon Tax. Huh! Another Liberal Lie!


The Trudeau / McKenna Carbon Tax encourages us to either buy less Made in Canada / Product of Canada or buy stuff from a foreign country where the pollution happens somewhere else.

Gordon jackson

I remember the first Trudeau. I was busy working and getting by quite well so I did not pay a whole lot of attention to all the bad things he was doing, because they did not affect my day to day life. Now that I have matured a bit and another terrible Trudeau is running our country, I have the luxury of being able to consider more fully the bad stuff he is doing to us. I have seen how the first Trudeau’s policies played out in the long run (remember the almost collapsing job market of 1982, a similar… Read more »