Trudeau Hiding From Debates?

Questions raised after Liberals remain non-committal about Trudeau’s attendance at some upcoming federal election debates.

Justin Trudeau is being accused of hiding from some upcoming federal election debates, as he refuses to commit to attending the first debate.

On September 12th, a debate sponsored by Macleans & Citytv has already confirmed Scheer, Singh, and May as attendees.

However, Trudeau has not yet committed to attending.

So far, the Liberals have only committed to attending the two official debates in October.

Another debate – centred around foreign policy – will be taking place October 1st. Both Scheer and May have committed to attending, but Trudeau & Singh have not.

The Conservatives have attacked Trudeau for potentially hiding from the debates. Here’s what they said in a press release:

“Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has confirmed his attendance at four proposed leaders debates during the upcoming election campaign.

Scheer is confirmed to attend both the commissioner English (Oct. 7) and French (Oct. 10) debates. Scheer is also confirmed to attend a debate organized by Maclean’s Magazine and City TV on Sept. 12 and the Munk Debate on foreign policy on Oct. 1.

Why won’t Justin Trudeau attend the Maclean’s/CityTV debate and the Munk debate? Why is he hiding?

Just because Trudeau has a lot to run away and hide from doesn’t mean he should.

He has made life harder and more unaffordable for families – bringing in a carbon tax and raising taxes on 80% of middle class families.

He is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking ethics laws – not once, but twice.

He has been incredibly weak on the world stage – backing down to Donald Trump on NAFTA, humiliating Canada and severely damaging relations with India, and failing to stand up for Canada’s interests in China.

And, he has broken promise after promise to the Canadian people.

Plain and simple, he is not as advertised.

Trudeau should stand before Canadians and answer for these failures. Instead, he’s running away.

Andrew Scheer is planning to hold Justin Trudeau accountable on the debate-stage while highlighting his own plan to help Canadians get ahead. It’s time for Justin Trudeau to stop hiding.

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to stop hiding.”

We can expect the Conservatives to continue this line of attack, as it also feeds into growing perceptions that Trudeau is dishonest and unwilling to provide the ‘openness and transparency’ he once promised.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau is hiding because the liberal party does not know how to spin his lies and deceit

Donald O'Kane

He doesn’t have the sense to answer or even respond to any questions or debates. They can’t write enough talking points to cover all the questions posed to him. He is a puppet and not a very good one.


From what I have read the official French and English debates have been all programmed by the lieberals and they have 5 moderators chosen by the lieberals (Unifor types) and because of this Mad Max feels that Andrew Scheer should avoid them, but in the Canadian media now Bernier is upset and fighting to attend?? In the American “Canada Free Press” on line, in the Canadian section. since he is running Candidates in almost all the ridings across Canada, and the Bloc who is only in Quebec can be there in the French Debate, why are they making rules against… Read more »


He does not have to have a debate with anybody.He has already lined up everything with his friend Singh.The will forma a coalition and nobody can touch them now or in the future.He is cunning as a .


Quite possible. This has already happened in Italy to oust Salvini. If Trudeau gets in again, Canada is over.

Donald O'Kane

If he gets in again Alberta and any other Province or Territory that wishes to join Alberta will be gone to form our own country.

Shawn Harris

Being honest and truthful gives you the courage to defend your record, not run from it.Trudeau’s record while in office has gone from sunny ways and promising to be entirely different to now, being seen as a liar, fraud and afraid to face the public and defend his tattered record. With a record like Trudeau’s anyone would want to keep a low profile and hide, but Trudeau can’t run or hide and has no choice but to give a compelling reason and argument as to why he should be given another chance. As long as Trudeau tries to hide and… Read more »


You may never know a look alike Trudeau actor will take his place. Mind you, the media will be consulted ahead so questions are not difficult and that Scheer will be the only to bare the brunt of all hard questions. Scheer has no idea that the media will deliberately focus on him to answer all question while Trudeau hides.


Run Justin run…


At Least Bernier isn’t running away. like trudeau ..Let him debate!!

Joseph Arpa

They all fear that happening. Maxime will debate topics they all would like to ignore.


Do you think his handlers have lost faith in him?
If he shows, he may be FORCED to actually answer a question.

William Jones

Do I detect light at the end of the tunnel? I, among many Canadians, sure hope so — it is time for more light — preferably intelligent light.


Butts won’t let him commit because they won’t promise him the questions in advance.


He’s stupid and doesn’t want to incriminate himself.

William Jones

He should hi. He is embarrassing at the best of times and incompetent most of the time. And. his declaring Canada had open borders is an act of treason, he has no business being in the office of Prime Minister of Canada.