Justin Trudeau – Who Violated Ethics Law Twice – Claims “It’s Not Enough” For Andrew Scheer To Support Laws On Social Issues

Just a tad hypocritical.

Following Andrew Scheer’s statement – which he’s made before – that he supports the laws on the books regarding same sex marriage and abortion, Justin Trudeau slammed the Conservative Leader.

And he did it in the most hypocritical way.

Trudeau said it wasn’t enough for Scheer to ‘reluctantly support the law’ on same sex marriage and abortion.

“Responding to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s claim Liberals are bringing up divisive social issues to distract Cdns, PM Trudeau says “it’s not enough to reluctantly support the law b/c it’s a law, especially when it comes to the rights of women & LGBT2Q communities”


So, Scheer supports the laws, and pledges not to change it, yet that’s “not enough?”

What else is expected of Scheer?

Is he supposed to deliver a tearful apology?

But the real hypocrisy is that Justin Trudeau – who twice violated Ethics Laws – is attacking someone for supporting the laws of the land.

That hypocrisy was pointed out quite effectively by Brian Lilley:

“Let me get this straight. The man found to have broken the law, yes it’s a law, TWICE, says it’s not enough to say you support the law. His plan is to try & scare women not to vote for Scheer by falsely claiming he will ban abortion. This guy groped a woman & fired 2 others”

The hypocrisy is embarrassing, as is the fake dramatic effort to be ‘really serious’ by Trudeau. He and his advisors know that they’re making a scandal up out of nothing, all in a desperate attempt to distract from Trudeau’s own unethical actions and his own unpopularity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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I really hope that Trudeau’s Liberals are not re-elected. His government is such a farce. It’s hard to watch.

Thomas Tass

A good portion of voters are so enamored by the fear mongering of this proven unethical leader of the Liberal party – whose name is not even worth mentioning – that they give him a pass. That speaks volumes about him and sadly his supporters.


The Kokanee groper better lay off the legal weed. It’s making him dumber by the day.


Since when, I have been noticing, that (abortion and women) somehow especially by the lieberals are now grouped into part of the LGBT2Q with(AW?)these special groups seem to always be mentioned together lately, I realize that these are grouped for their “social justice” but they are very different. Or is there some reason this does not make any sense to me, I feel like this is some kind of put down to all of us as people of any sort or belief, but maybe it will unify women with the LGBT2Q, maybe that is Trudeau’s wish for unity since he… Read more »


Big mouth law breaker Trudeau said that his party will support ‘abortion and gay rights.
Now, I know there are many muslims in his party who refuse or cant support abortion nor gay parades along with Trudeau but its Andrew he has a beef with.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is so desperate to avoid being labelled and seen as a law breaking PM that can’t be trusted with the law or around women, that he resorts to believing his own lies as the truth. And the truth is this, that Scheer is perfectly correct and truthful when he says he accepts and supports the laws on the books about social issues, whereas Trudeau can’t resist breaking any law that gets in his way to getting whatever he wants. Even to the point of subverting our judicial system to advantage his friends at our expense. Or, to put it… Read more »


Honestly this phony Trudeau pre-election DRIVEL is so boring & a waste of everyone’s time & energy but he’ll drag it out till the bitter end of his undeniable DEMISE. TRUDEAU THE LOSER!!!!!


There are no laws on the books regarding abortion in Canada. The Supreme Court struck down the law back when Mulroney was PM. 30 years later, it is perfectly legal for a woman to get an abortion in Canada up until birth if she can find an abortionist who will do it. Trudeau is going to keep the fear mongering going though, ignoring the fact that some Canadians are pro life and pro traditional marriage. Personally, I think the gay marriage law should be left as is, although my own views on marriage are different. However, I do think it… Read more »