Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Falls To Negative 32 Points

Of all main party leaders, Trudeau remains the most unpopular.

While you wouldn’t necessarily get a sense of it from the establishment media coverage, Justin Trudeau remains an incredibly unpopular politician.

According to the latest Angus Reid poll, Trudeau’s net approval rating has fallen to negative 32 points.

31% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, while 63% view him unfavourably.

8% say they unsure.

Of all the major parties, Trudeau’s approval rating is the worst.

Andrew Scheer’s approval is at 38%, while 52% disapprove. 10% are unsure.

For Jagmeet Singh, 32% approve, while 51% disapprove. 17% are unsure.

For the smaller parties, Elizabeth May of the Greens has 42% approval and 42% disapproval, with 16% unsure. Maxime Bernier has 17% approval, 60% disapproval, and 23% who say they are unsure.

While all the main party leaders are relatively unpopular, a look at the net approval ratings shows the depths of Trudeau’s unpopularity.

Scheer’s net approval rating is -14% points, Singh’s is -19%, and Trudeau’s is -32%.

Trudeau’s approval trend is also troubling for the Liberals, as his approval has fallen from 52% in June 2018, and steadily declined to a new low of 31% this month. Meanwhile, Trudeau’s disapproval spiked at 65% in March 2019, but hasn’t recovered much, stabilizing around 61% in the past few months in Angus Reid polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube