VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Holds Press Conference On Gay Marriage & Abortion

Liberals have brought up social issues in attempt to bring down Scheer.

With the Liberals and establishment media attempting to pressure Andrew Scheer on the issues of gay marriage and abortion, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is holding a press conference to attempt to put the issues to rest.

You can watch the press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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David McCallum

Why is it ever election that gay and lesbians are the forefront of the election and that this group is only 3% of the population?


Times are tough when lib fake news (smear campaign) has to be dealt with in real news. Shame on the lying libs.


I agree with Scheer. We have gone to far to the darkside – leaving God out of our lives will only bring us doom.


At the same time each government refuses to revisit the abortion debate, the reality is it’s legal to murder the unborn by pulling them apart limb by limb in their mother’s wombs up until the time of birth. Is there no Canadian politician with an ounce of compassion willing to stand up for the unborn?

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and the Liberals are now extremely desperate to not have their record while in office exposed for all to see. Because they want the public to be scared , even terrified of the very thought of having a Conservative majority government in power instead of themselves. For after all if the Liberals and Trudeau’s record is so good, then why bring up settled social issues, except to be used as means of deflection and distraction from the truth of who Trudeau and his Liberals really are, liars and frauds. And the media, by not asking questions about why Trudeau… Read more »


What is it with the media the same question being asked at least or more than 3 times were they hoping that Mr. Sheer would mix his words the media sound like spoiled Children it’s a shame Canada …..


Scheer needs to grow a set and start attacking and getting aggressive rather than always being on the defensive. So far, not showing much leadership qualities. What he should have said was that laws are laws, and Conservatives respect and obey laws, unlike Trudeau who fires women who refuse to grovel and bow obediently, and unlike Trudeau and his entire PMO who tried to manipulate the Canadian Court System to protect and reward one of their big donors. Conservatives also think that giving exclusive rights to families of Government members for shellfish and other fishing is absolutely disgusting. Not only… Read more »

Jonathan Bryant

Concerning abortion, we never really got to have that debate as a nation. The butcher and his lawyers got to argue for the legalization of murder against the unborn but where was the opportunity for civilized society to weigh in on the matter. It was all done through the Supreme Court, the law was scrapped and there was never a debate on what kind of law should take its place. As such we are the only democracy that has no laws at all on the books regarding abortion. We are in the same pig pen as China and North Korea.… Read more »


For 50 years my conscience guided me how to vote.Now I have to tow the party line, where has democracy gone back to Greece.If that is no dictatorship I do not know what you call it.This man PM should go.Are we becoming communist.We are certainly not practicing democracy.