Kim Campbell Apologizes After Rooting For “Direct Hit” By Hurricane On Mar-a-Lago

Former PM had originally defended her Tweet.

Former Canadian PM Kim Campbell – who presided over the biggest political collapse in Canadian history – has apologized for her Tweet in which she rooted for a hurricane to directly strike Mar-a-Lago, the resort owned by US President Donald Trump.

After initially defending the Tweet, Campbell backtracked and issued an apology:

“I have deleted my tweet about the hurricane & Mar a Lago and sincerely apologize to all it offended. It was intended as sarcasm-not a serious wish of harm. Throwaway lines get a life of their own on Twitter. I shd know better. Mea culpa.”

Campbell’s Tweet had garnered international news coverage, while she received a tonne of criticism (and small amount of support) from people responding online.

Still, it was a terrible thing for a former PM to say, and it’s good that Campbell has apologized.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The first Conservative justice minister to ever attack lawful firearms owners… I joined the Reform Party on the day that she tabled her idiotic legislation and sent her, Brian Mulroney, and my Conservative MP copies of my application form and cheque along with a letter stating that they had lost my vote and why.

She’s always been an idiot, and, now, obviously extremely crass as well.

She would do everybody – including herself – a huge favour by keeping her mouth and twitterer firmly shut.


Trudeau picked her to head the Supreme Court Judge selection. I think with her thoughts she should resign or Trudeau must remove her immediately.


Her original tweet represents her true feelings way more than the forced, hollow apology. The left’s visceral hatred of President Trump and the need to virtue signal it, overrides any concern for actual human lives. They’re just commoners after all.

james isnor

Why is is that certain Canadian politicians and so called celebrities can not seem to hold their tongues about what happens across the border in another COUNTRY. Maybe they should spout their ill considered opinions about what goes on in this COUNTRY, CANADA. Lord knows there is a target rich environment. Try holding those bumblers up in Ottawa to account. Its a gong show here and they are focused on DJT and the US. I am sure it helps keep the attention off the PMO and his antics. His talking point non answers are quite revealing really. Kim C is… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

The left wingers in Canada, are clones of the fake news, left wing media in the USA. Leftism degrades any country it exist’s.

Big Priest'

Why am I not at all surprised, she’s just another in a long line of individuals, who have been indoctrinated to be anti America, which has been ingrained within many corners of Canada.

But yet she doesn’t seem to realize that the homeland is the only thing keeping canada safe, protected.

Alain Turcotte

I agree with you. We basically don’t have an army. If we were to be invaded, it would be over in 10 minutes. Bad mouthing our neighbor, and closest ally, is pure idiocy.

William Jones

All too true of the Liberal mindset — say it, deny it, offer an insincere apology and hope it will go away.

Harry Meyers

She takes Trumps remarks seriously and discounts her own as sarcasm. Ummmmh.