Since October 2015, Trudeau’s Net Favourability Is Down 39 Points

The more Canadians see Trudeau in power, the less popular he gets.

There’s one overriding reason the upcoming federal election is expected to be quite negative:

Justin Trudeau is deeply unpopular.

As noted by the latest Angus Reid poll, Justin Trudeau’s net favourability rating is negative 32 points, with 31% viewing him favourably, while 63% view him unfavourably.

On Twitter, Angus Reid also pointed out how far Trudeau’s popularity has fallen since October of 2015:

“Went back to compare leader favourability. First graph is this week, second is October 1, 2015. Harper and Scheer in nearly the same place. Trudeau far worse. Mulcair had majority favourability everywhere other than AB/MB at the time. Not so for Singh. May down slightly.”

While Scheer’s numbers aren’t great, Trudeau’s are terrible. And the drop is massive.

The more Canadians see Trudeau’s actual governance, the more Canadians seem to oppose him.

That leaves the Liberals with only one hope of staying in power: Make everyone else less popular than Trudeau.

As a result, we can expect to see even more smears and negativity from the Liberals against Andrew Scheer, and possibly even against Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May if the Liberals get even more desperate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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