WATCH: Trudeau Totally Dodges Question On Why He’s Using Communist China Steel Instead Of Canadian Steel

He didn’t even get close to answering.

At a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked why he approved the use of Communist China steel in two massive LNG projects in BC, instead of pushing for the use of Canadian steel.

He was also asked whether the US approved the use of Chinese steel in Canada, considering US concerns over illegal steel dumping by the Communist State.

Here’s Trudeau’s ‘answer,’ if you can even call it that:

“Today a reporter asked PM Trudeau why his Liberal government is allowing Chinese steel to be used in Canadian LNG projects, this was initially reported by


Trudeau didn’t even get close to answering the question.

And his claim that he seeks to use Canadian steel ‘where possible,’ is a total joke.

It is totally ‘possible’ to use Canadian steel in the two huge LNG projects.

In fact, that’s what was set to happen, as there were tariffs blocking the use of Chinese steel.

Then, in an appalling move that was a total betrayal of Canadian workers and the Canadian steel industry, the Trudeau government removed the restrictions and let Chinese steel be used.

Now, with an election approaching, and Trudeau trying to look like an ally of the steel industry, he’s desperate to dodge any questions about his horrible decision to use Chinese steel.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Alan Burley

Canada will not survive another four years of Trudeau

Don Taylor

Turdeau the traitor is a Total JOKE,and a betrayal of canadians right across the country


Can he even walk and breath at the same time? What stupidity and arrogance and hypocrisy. Out of touch with reality. He contradicted himself in the same statement, in the same sentence.

pancake rachel corrie

I love it , he keeps digging his own grave …………its a beautiful thing

Garlet Farlett

A blithering idiot… The question didn’t follow his prepared talking points and threw him right off… I have words for him, but will refrain …


You would think with the election approaching, that Conservatives would be using this Canadian job and companies loss to communist China in their election speeches and ads, instead of defending themselves against Unifor and communist lieberals propaganda.


Ask Soy Boy where the steel is coming from to build the crossing (Gordie Howe Bridge) between Windsor-Detroit. At last guessed cost, we’re taking at least 3 billion.

Eleanor Merkus

Lies, LIes and more LIES!!!!!!!

Shawn Harris

Usual Trudeau response, when asked any question, that might expose his ignorance or extremely bad and destructive decisions and policies, he resorts to his native and natural defence, deny, deflect blame and admit no responsibility , change the subject. and as a last resort, give a completely nonsensical answer. And just when Canadians could look forward to seeing some relief from his destructive anti oil industry policies, with the prospect of new long term oil industry jobs,he doubles down against the oil industry by supporting and rewarding China with sanctions relief to the sum of 42 billion dollars and shafts… Read more »

Sherry Telle

Once again, Trudeau does not answer the question he was asked.

Susie Lawrence

I’ve seen Trudeau in front of the cameras when reporters asked him questions many times, and rarely does he answers the questions asked. Could it be that he has no comprehension of what’s asked or is he hiding something by going on about something else.

Don Taylor

The dimwit Turdeau doesn’t answer the question,then tries to bad the USA, This PM has never grown up,he still wears a little boy mind set,he will never answer a question directly and will always try to blame some one else


There is nothing to say, no “up side” to this story…no “up side” to Trudeau as he betrays Canadians. Tears for Canada!

Elizabeth Thorne

I do not believe polls —go out on the street and count the number of people who say they will vote for Justine Trudeau. don’t believe the polls, CBC or CTV. I will vote for the PPC candidate in my riding.