WATCH: Trudeau Totally Dodges Question On Why He’s Using Communist China Steel Instead Of Canadian Steel

He didn’t even get close to answering.

At a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked why he approved the use of Communist China steel in two massive LNG projects in BC, instead of pushing for the use of Canadian steel.

He was also asked whether the US approved the use of Chinese steel in Canada, considering US concerns over illegal steel dumping by the Communist State.

Here’s Trudeau’s ‘answer,’ if you can even call it that:

“Today a reporter asked PM Trudeau why his Liberal government is allowing Chinese steel to be used in Canadian LNG projects, this was initially reported by


Trudeau didn’t even get close to answering the question.

And his claim that he seeks to use Canadian steel ‘where possible,’ is a total joke.

It is totally ‘possible’ to use Canadian steel in the two huge LNG projects.

In fact, that’s what was set to happen, as there were tariffs blocking the use of Chinese steel.

Then, in an appalling move that was a total betrayal of Canadian workers and the Canadian steel industry, the Trudeau government removed the restrictions and let Chinese steel be used.

Now, with an election approaching, and Trudeau trying to look like an ally of the steel industry, he’s desperate to dodge any questions about his horrible decision to use Chinese steel.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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