Why Did Justin Trudeau Approve Candidate Who Made Horrible Antisemitic Comments? And Why Did He Take Months To Remove Him?

Canadians have questions.

The Liberals have revoked the candidacy of Hassan Guillet, their former candidate in the Montreal riding of Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel.

However, people are now asking questions about why he was approved in the first place, and why it took Trudeau so long to remove him.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Now, @CIJAinfo is saying they alerted the Liberals to Guillet’s comments *in June.*

Obviously, Trudeau wanted to hold on to him, despite his racist garbage, as long as possible.”


“Their *2+ months long* investigation concluded just hours after B’nai Brith published its press release.”

“I took several weeks? After the guy was nominated?”

“I was shocked and disappointed to learn that @JustinTrudeau’s hand-picked candidate celebrated the release of a Hamas activist from prison and called for the dissolution of Israel. I call on @LevittMichael to immediately condemn Trudeau’s antisemitic candidate, Hassan Guillet.”

“You aren’t shocked. You got over your shock 2 months ago. Then you hunkered down to keep the secret. CIJA says your party had known about Hassan Guillet‘s comments since June. Your shock is that B’nai Brith told the world.”

“Weird. CIJA says your party knew about Hassan Guillet‘s comments in June. You Libs only removed him after B’nai Brith would not keep your secret. As long as the secret was in, you Liberals were fine to run him.”

“So you’re shocked @LevittMichael eh? Where were you and the rest of the @Liberal_Party when this and many other Islamic clerics spread Jew hatred in their sermons for years? Your caucus still has members who share Imam Hassan Guillet’s views on Israel. #ImamHassanGuillet”

“Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked candidate: – Celebrated the release of Raed Salah, a Hamas-aligned activist. – Hailed Salah as a “jihad-fighter” and whom “Allah will surely support.” – Claimed Jews use children’s blood for baking “holy bread””

While the Liberals have done the right thing by removing Guillet, what makes this so disturbing is that they knew about his horrific comments for months, and only took action when those comments were more widely disseminated. And wouldn’t the Liberals and Trudeau have been aware of those comments ahead of time?

The fact that Guillet even made it so far as a Liberal candidate raises some very disturbing and troubling questions, and the Liberals need to explain why Trudeau was pushing Guillet’s candidacy for such a long time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter