Andrew Scheer Should Start Tweeting Like A Real Person

With the polls narrowing and the media against him, it’s time for Scheer to take some risks.

Despite Justin Trudeau’s deep unpopularity, the polls for the upcoming federal election are narrowing. The key problem for the Conservatives is that – as many of us predicted – the establishment press are turning against the Conservative Leader, assisting in the despicable Liberal demonization campaign.

Unfortunately, in the face of the intense media opposition, Andrew Scheer is still using a communication strategy that seems lifted from the 2015 election.

His Twitter feed mostly looks like it’s run by a staffer, with the same rhetoric and talking points being used as are seen in Conservative ads. While there’s something to be said for a unified message, Scheer is missing an opportunity to connect with people like a real human being.

Currently, Scheer’s Twitter feed looks far more like the official Conservative Party account, rather than his own personal opportunity to communicate directly with voters.

The Conservatives are obviously risk-averse, seeking to maintain their current support and hope that Trudeau’s unpopularity is enough. But, if the media keeps giving a boost to the Liberals, and keeps attacking Scheer, then the old-fashioned, risk-averse strategy won’t work.

Scheer needs to risk being somewhat controversial, if only to take some control over the information battle. After all, while the media may be biased against the Conservatives, they are even more biased in favour of making money, and if they think Scheer can drive coverage and get clicks and ratings, they’ll help share his message – even inadvertently.

Andrew Scheer is a smart guy who knows a lot about politics and policy, and he would really benefit from taking control of his phone and Tweeting his real thoughts like a real person, bypassing the media filter and making a real connection with Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube