Boris Johnson & UK Government Lose Vote As Anti-Brexit MPs Block Will Of The People Again

The anti-Brexit elites claim to support Parliamentary Democracy, yet they’re handing control over the Brexit process back to the European Union.

The elites are trying to block Brexit once again.

Despite the fact that Brexit won a clear majority, and despite the fact that Brexit has the largest mandate in UK history, the corrupt anti-democratic elites are trying to stymie the will of the people by pushing yet another delay to Brexit.

In a 328-301 vote, MPs – including 21 Conservative ‘rebels’ – voted to continue with a bill that would block a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

The vote will deprive the UK Government and PM Boris Johnson of a key piece of negotiating leverage, the willingness to walk away without a deal.

Disturbingly, the legislation will give the European Union over the timetable of Brexit, leaving the EU in charge and savaging any independence of the UK Government over the process.

Now, there are many questions to be answered. First, it’s possible that Johnson will ignore the vote, and refuse to go to Brussels and push for an extension – something he has flatly ruled out.

Also, there could soon be an election, with Johnson strongly hinting that he will push for an election.

The Conservative ‘rebels’ are also likely to ‘lose the whip,’ meaning they will not be able to stand as Conservatives in any upcoming election.

Here’s what UK PM Boris Johnson and far-left Socialist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said following the vote:

Boris Johnson

Jeremy Corbyn

“The British People voted for Brexit, yet the anti-democratic elites are doing everything to block the will of the People. Around the world, the elites continually show that they only believe in democracy when the vote goes their own way.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is not the UK parliament in recess with the Queens Decree?
This shows how much politicians have gone on their own even to break the Queens Order…as they fail to listen to their own citizens.

Shawn Harris

Unless Boris Johnson has another means to accomplish his mandate of getting Britain out of the European Union, then it will come down to another election to get things done. Namely, break the parliamentary deadlock and finish Brexit . And just like our upcoming election, another British election will surely be a very nasty one for sure. For that is exactly how the entrenched elites like their elections to be, mean nasty and divisive.


Start by sending all warships to N. America. Since MP’s want to hand over control and administration of the Country, Boris should capitulate, close down all Government Departments including the Police and Courts until further notice, throw the borders wide open and give all Government workers their 2 weeks notice of termination of employment. Let the EU try to run the country.

Walk away, Boris. Let the UK become the first Post National State. Piss off Trudeau no end. Watch the unelected EU crap their diapers.


The same thing happening here. The will of c’dians is flat out ignored by Trudeau and gov. Democracy is in moratorium until people themselves react or show some interest in their country to oust all politicians who sleeps with the devil. The media should be ignore and replaced.

old white guy

Looks like the communists in the world government are crushing the majority will of the British people. So much for voting, a worthless waste of time when eventually you are going to have a war to keep your freedom.