British Government Says Child Killer Will Not Be Going To Canada

Reports are “categorically untrue” says UK spokesman.

According to a spokesman for the British Government, child killer Jon Venables will not be sent to Canada.

Earlier reports in the British Press had said Venables, who killed a two-year old when he was 10 years of age, would be given money and sent to Canada under a new identity to ‘protect him.’

Those reports had led to intense anger among many Canadians, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer who had said “As prime minister I won’t let him come here. Where does Trudeau stand. Our country should not be a dumping ground for murderers, terrorists, and perverts.”

The British Government says those reports are “categorically untrue.”

While that may be reassuring, it is also exactly what the government would say if they had a secret plan to send Venables to another country in a secretive way, so there may still be many who have cause for concern, though it would seem another country would be the likelier destination.

Additionally, the Canadian federal government has ruled out Venables coming to Canada, saying immigration law prohibits Venables being admitted into our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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