NEW DISASTER PARTY: NDP Shaken As Executive Member & 14 Former Provincial New Brunswick Candidates Switch To Greens

With the Greens catching up – and even surpassing the NDP in the polls – the disasters keep piling up for the NDP.

Jagmeet Singh’s tenure as NDP Leader has been terrible for the party so far.

Fundraising is down, candidate recruitment is falling far short, and the poll numbers keep crashing.

The Greens, once a widely-ignored fringe party, are now on the ascendancy, with momentum, attention, fundraising, and poll numbers all on the upswing.

The Greens even appear to be catching up to the NDP in the polls, with some surveys even showing the NDP being leapfrogged by the Greens.

Now, the NDP is facing another disaster.

14 former New Brunswick NDP provincial candidates have defected to the Greens. A former member of the NDP federal executive has defected as well. The NDP has yet to even nominate a candidate in New Brunswick, and the defectors slammed Singh for not even having visited the province during his time as NDP Party Leader.

According to Global News, here’s the list of those who signed the declaration of support for the Greens:

“Johnathan A. Richardson, a member of the federal NDP executive, has signed the declaration of support along with 14 people who ran as provincial candidates in New Brunswick.

Those signatories are Joyce Richardson, Lise Potvin, Willy Robichaud, Albert Rouselle, Anne Richardson, Justin Young, Jean-Maurice Landry, Jessica Caissie, Lina Chiasson, Cecile Richard-Hebert, Francis Duguay, Hailey Duffy, Madison Duffy and Betty Weir.”

With this latest NDP disaster, a total collapse of the party is seeming increasingly possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Since the Green are supporting the traitorous unethical LIEberals and are yet another one world party, post national state supporters, they might as well just vote lieberal. This really concerns me as the Conservatives are not stating this in any of their public messages and they really should be, unless…

Shawn Harris

Changing from orange to green doesn’t change who they and the Liberals truly are, far left progressive socialist/communists. The consistent message from the NDP, Greens and Liberals is, we hate Canada and want to destroy it and remake it into a hard far left socialist country, like Cuba or Venezuela. To stop Trudeau from remaining as PM, then the Conservatives need to do as Harper had to in 2008, fight against a coalition that would open the pathway for these far left socialists, to transform Canada in to some kind of Venezuela/ Cuba north. If not, then the Canada we… Read more »

Robert Anes

I LOVE this: The NDP is a SOCIALIST party. I LIVED under National Socialism from May 1940 – May 1945. They MURDERED one of my cousins, and the Father of one of my friends. So I DESPISE socialism. And look what they did to Venezuela! A country wilh OIL that is BANKRUPT.!


What gets me is these MP’s were elected as NDP. If they want to cross the floor and join the Greens then they should be honorable and resign and run for the Greens in the election. But then there isn’t any honor it the hearts and minds in the politicians we have in Ottawa.


I’m not supprised that NDP is loosing grounds.Th new fellow with his big ego only entered the arena now he wants to take it over as though he is the only one that kows how to manage Canada.You have only entered the apprentiship how to govern the country.


Once again the east is technically voting the Liberals back in. Voting for the PC’s is the change we need or kiss Canada good-bye. Trudeau will make sure he gets in by giving the immigrants/illegals the right to vote. The West needs to separate from the East.

old white guy

The greens are communist and are far left of the NDP, they will fit right in. Canada and the freedom of Canadians is in peril. These foolish left wing nuts will destroy this country, that includes all the socialist parties in Canada, liberals, NDP, Green and progressive conservatives.


I could swear I seen that headline picture of that guy on a wanted posture in Afghanistan!

William Jones

This ‘happening’ is of no value to Canada or Canadian politics. The NDP is a socialist party and the Greens have already stated they will support Trudeau — the other socialist party in Canada. As a result, I would not consider this to be ‘newsy’ other than the perceived ‘damage’ to the NDP — it matters naught to Canada.