NEW DISASTER PARTY: NDP Shaken As Executive Member & 14 Former Provincial New Brunswick Candidates Switch To Greens

With the Greens catching up – and even surpassing the NDP in the polls – the disasters keep piling up for the NDP.

Jagmeet Singh’s tenure as NDP Leader has been terrible for the party so far.

Fundraising is down, candidate recruitment is falling far short, and the poll numbers keep crashing.

The Greens, once a widely-ignored fringe party, are now on the ascendancy, with momentum, attention, fundraising, and poll numbers all on the upswing.

The Greens even appear to be catching up to the NDP in the polls, with some surveys even showing the NDP being leapfrogged by the Greens.

Now, the NDP is facing another disaster.

14 former New Brunswick NDP provincial candidates have defected to the Greens. A former member of the NDP federal executive has defected as well. The NDP has yet to even nominate a candidate in New Brunswick, and the defectors slammed Singh for not even having visited the province during his time as NDP Party Leader.

According to Global News, here’s the list of those who signed the declaration of support for the Greens:

“Johnathan A. Richardson, a member of the federal NDP executive, has signed the declaration of support along with 14 people who ran as provincial candidates in New Brunswick.

Those signatories are Joyce Richardson, Lise Potvin, Willy Robichaud, Albert Rouselle, Anne Richardson, Justin Young, Jean-Maurice Landry, Jessica Caissie, Lina Chiasson, Cecile Richard-Hebert, Francis Duguay, Hailey Duffy, Madison Duffy and Betty Weir.”

With this latest NDP disaster, a total collapse of the party is seeming increasingly possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube