VIDEO: People Chant Against Trudeau At Labour Day Rally

“Trudeau’s got to go!” said attendees.

Justin Trudeau got a rough reception at a Labour Day rally, with things not going as he had planned.

As Trudeau tried marching, people chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Justin Trudeau’s got to go!”

There were so many anti-Trudeau protesters that the PM’s marching in the rally had to be delayed.

And while the establishment press referred to this “as a group hijacking” the rally, the reality is that we are seeing what many Canadians really think about Trudeau, who has become a deeply unpopular politician.

You can watch the video below:

Trudeau has tried to portray himself as a friend of Canadian Labour, but he’s really only a friend to the well-connected and highly-paid elites who run Labour organizations, while being against the interests of actual Canadian Labourers.

As I pointed out in a widely-shared Tweet, Trudeau has betrayed Unionized Canadian Workers, and he shouldn’t be surprised that he isn’t welcome at many Labour events:

“It’s no surprise Justin Trudeau wasn’t welcome at a Labour Day parade. He just sold out tens of thousands of Unionized Canadian Workers by letting Communist China Steel be used in two huge LNG projects. A horrendous and disloyal betrayal of Canadian Workers.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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That’s awesome. I am a proud Canadian after seeing that!

Donald O'Kane

It warms my heart to hear those chants! HEY HEY HO HO JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S GOT TO GO!!!!!!


I was shocked that so many orange shirted people actually seemed happy Trudeau was there. Obviously they don’t keep up with the news, even as manipulated as it is by the far-left radicals. CTV and CBC News concentrated on Trudeau and only briefly mentioned Scheer and Singh. The $600 million bribe in action. We have to pay attention to this. Tiny little subtle bits of manipulation towards Trudeau. We need to make the sponsors aware their messages are being manipulated in what is supposed to be a free and democratic society.


This kind of biased media has got to go. Canadians deserve to know the facts not what the Corrupt Liberal party have paid for us to know. We are not a Socialist Country Yet! Canadians have to vote this out in October. Say yes to a free and prosperous Canada Say no to Justin Trudeau lets make Canada shine again!!!

Shawn Harris

Trudeau hasn’t yet learned the lesson,that you reap exactly what you sow. Sowing the seeds of division, deceit, hypocrisy and contempt for Canadians, will only give back exactly what you sown and definitely not the rewards you had hoped for.
Trudeau has sold out his soul for power and betrayed every single Canadian and Canada in lust for validation and power. Trudeau has been a traitor since before he became PM and the public finds him very contemptible and extremely disgusting, not worthy of ever being PM. He has to go.

Garlet Farlett

And yet, the latest EKOS poll shows the liberals at 37% and the CPC at 34….. What is WRONG with Canadians?????