Trudeau To Skip Most Debates

Decision by Liberals will deprive Canadians of opportunities to see Trudeau debate against the other party leaders on key issues.

According to a La Press report, Justin Trudeau is planning to skip the majority of upcoming federal leader debates.

There are two ‘official’ debates being planned, one in English on October 7th, and one in French, on October 10th.

The Liberals say Trudeau will attend that debate.

However, three other debates, one planned by Macleans, one planned by the Munk Debates Foundation – focused on foreign policy – and one planned by TVA, are all looking to be absent Trudeau.

Despite the fact that Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, and Jagmeet Singh have indicated they will attend additional debates, Trudeau is planning to skip them.

This will deprive Canadians of a chance to see Trudeau answering questions and explaining himself, and we’ve got to wonder why the Liberals are so afraid for Trudeau to be accountable before the People of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He should be there during the debates but he will miss a lot of them because he will mumble and stumble his way through since he is clueless about politics. Now Max Bernier has the right to be there and debate or democracy means nothing in Canada under Trudeau and the Liberals.

Major Tom

Globalists….communists…and socialists…..debating……How relative is that?

Don Taylor

Turdeau is not smart enough to enter a live debate with Scheer or any other political party unless he is told what to say VIA a concealed microphone


From things I have read these “official” debates are going to be fixed by paid off lefties UNIFOR types, so I will be more interested in these other 3 debates, they may be more democratic real and fair hopefully and besides E. May will be at these debates so they are mostly the same thing as LIEberals. It is really hard to turn off the unreal things big drama but unethical Trudeau spouts off about.

Rugose Texture

This is a good move for Canadians. I remember a couple of years ago Theresa May in the UK didn’t bother with most of the debates. Her level of support dropped drastically in the four week campaign. A potential landslide turned into a squeaker.


An excellent move, to skip the debates. He has shown no sign of being able to think, which is essential to being able to debate. Either he’s bright enough to realize he’s dumb, or whoever is in charge of him knows he’s not bright enough to be able to debate.

Margaret Smith

Elsa, I honestly believe Gerald Butts is still in charge of Trudeau despite the many who may think otherwise and we know Butts is the reason Trudeau was elected in 2015. I think it is shameful that he plans to attend only 1 debate in French and 1 in English. Even after all the let downs from the Trudeau Gov’t there are people who adore him. I am not one of those people. Even after he was found guilty of Ethics interference his popularity did not waver. How can this be? Trudeau I am sure is 100% confident that he… Read more »


Doesn’t matter at rhis point. Most Canadians have made up their minds regarding Trudeau. And without Maxime Bernier, these debates are meaningless in any case.


Well he’s been an ABSENT government for FOUR years WHY stop now!! He did Nothing for Canadians.. His whole victory was illegitimate!!!


They should include Max Bernie or Scheer will take a beating from those 2 lefty loons but maybe this is Trudeau’s MO let the radicals do his dirty work.

Raymond Merkus

we all know the reasons….He can’t really debate…..Too many ummmm’s and ahhhhh, and stutterings etc. Shame on Trudeau, but it would be embarrassing for the dope.


Trudeau’s management team do not want him at these debates because off script his performance is dismal.
Trudeau needs to rehearse for questions and have the answers in front of him. This was stated on TV.
Trudeau would make a better profile with out an appearance……
Remember the water box…. Etc


Too late for the Libs to do damage control. Hope the voters get the message.

Charlene Simon

He can play dressup in India, schmooze at the G7, frolic on the Agha Khan’s Island, but not bother showing up for debates in Canada?

This will not go well for him. Only his record of broken promises will stand in his stead.


I’m sure the ratings on these debates will be at an all time low! Since Maxime Bernier will not be allowed to be part of these debates, there will be no point in paying any attention to them whatsoever! I will not be wasting my time listen to the sickening drivel that would be spewn from the likes of these Globalist Traitors to Canada. And, that includes the “Conservative in name-only” weak and pandering, Andrew Scheer!

David Henley

What kind of debate you think is going to happen with only a couple of candidates showing up. not worth watching. They refuse one candidate and another chooses not to come. It has become a joke and anyone with a brain would not bother.

Elizabeth Thorne

Good, I can no longer stand the sight of him. OOPS, sorry for the hate speech. Lol lol lol


Actually I consider this to be good news. It means Trudeau is a coward, and that he’s afraid to defend his record. I’m sure his absence won’t impress Canadians, especially those who normally vote Liberal and are looking for alternatives.


I think they should play tapes of his previous speech in the last election showing how he would do things differently how he would be more open, how he would balance the budget, show his promises to the Veterans.


I can’t believe someone had the nerve to say trudope was absent.The damage done by this globalist socialist dictator is not repairable for years to come.Please take a look at the debt and the billions of dollars of lost investment/revenues in Canadian industries.Thats just naming two,as most of hard working conservatives can name many more atrocities.Please do your own investigation and I sincerely believe you will have a very rough time coming to terms with how bad things really are.