Trudeau To Skip Most Debates

Decision by Liberals will deprive Canadians of opportunities to see Trudeau debate against the other party leaders on key issues.

According to a La Press report, Justin Trudeau is planning to skip the majority of upcoming federal leader debates.

There are two ‘official’ debates being planned, one in English on October 7th, and one in French, on October 10th.

The Liberals say Trudeau will attend that debate.

However, three other debates, one planned by Macleans, one planned by the Munk Debates Foundation – focused on foreign policy – and one planned by TVA, are all looking to be absent Trudeau.

Despite the fact that Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, and Jagmeet Singh have indicated they will attend additional debates, Trudeau is planning to skip them.

This will deprive Canadians of a chance to see Trudeau answering questions and explaining himself, and we’ve got to wonder why the Liberals are so afraid for Trudeau to be accountable before the People of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube