Disturbing: Man Says Senate Security Ordered Him To Remove Canadian Oil & Gas Shirt

If a Canadian Citizen can’t even wear a shirt supporting a key Canadian industry, what is our country turning into?

WestWatch has shared a disturbing letter from William Lacey, a member of the Canadian energy industry.

In the letter, Lacey reveals that during a visit to Ottawa, he was ordered by Senate Security to remove a shirt he was wearing that showed support for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry.

Lacey says he was told that to continue on the tour, he had to either remove the shirt, or turn it inside out, which he did.

As Lacey says, “The last time I checked there was nothing illegal about the Canadian energy sector, and yet I was made to feel as though I should be embarrassed for what I was wearing.”

You can view the full letter here, as shared by WestWatch:

“This letter from William Lacey is a MUST READ. Senate security said he couldn’t wear his “I ❤️ 🍁 Oil & Gas” t-shirt during a tour because it could “offend” people.

He was told to put the shirt inside-out or leave a public Canadian institution!

Canada, we have a problem.”


This is incredibly disturbing, and Senate security must answer for Lacey’s unacceptable treatment.

What’s happening to our country?

Spencer Fernando

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